6 thoughts on “INSTABUCKET – BUY NOW

  1. Darkgodxvx

    Sorry, but you are a disappointment to the Goblin race and its noble engineering pursuits! It should have AT LEAST 5-10 rockets and an “Armageddon” class defense system (check to make sure your local zoning laws permit it – or don’t *ahem ahem* GARROSH; You disappoint me… *dirty look at him*). That would make it THE BEST. (I’m kid about the disappointment stuff =( 4give k?, <3)

    Anyway the real reason I posted was because I wanted ask about the price….
    What is the last one? …99B (99 Bars, 99 Bones? 99 Breasteses? It is MADDENING!)

    And 2nd question, does that include shipping & handling? Do you offer financing?


    (Serious face: Love your blog, don't ever stop pl0x. Only now am I going back to plunder the archives. Muhahaha kek *evil schemey tented fingers*)

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Nope. See, here’s the secret dealio – with this exact setup, all Mechalis has to do is take a bucket, call it an Instabucket, and send it off to make money. NO EXTRA COSTS (or even effort) INVOLVED! All the rockets and defense systems would totally put a dent in the profit margin.

      Besides, at the time she was saving her rockets for the Rocket Camel project.

      “B” stands for bronze, that itty-bitty bit of currency that you can’t get anything for anymore.

      The price does include shipping and handling. Cash on delivery, of course. These buckets are hot, hot, hot, and are going fast! No time for financing options and no layaway!

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