Friends in High Places

Have you ever looked at the Violet Tower in Dalaran and thought, “Gee, I wonder if I could hit the street if I jumped from there?”

Mechalis has.

Friends in High Places 01

Mechalis isn’t sure whether she forced Sunblood to jump or if he did so voluntarily.  Her memory is a bit hazy, what with the lingering after effects of Scourge and the more immediate results of landing head first on several buildings.  It’s not like it matters, since she’s going to go with that “voluntarily” option, anyway.

Friends in High Places 02

Sunblood wears so much fabric, he’s like a kite.  Mechalis, on the other hand, just goes straight down.

Friends in High Places 03

Sadly, she missed the worgen in the streets below by a narrow margin.  Sadly, that is, unless he wants to buy an Instabucket?  No?  How about a pool pony?  No?  Yes, sadly it is.

Friends in High Places 04

3 thoughts on “Friends in High Places

  1. -_-

    I was looking at your page again, and noticed no mention of the late Dirtface, and the great Eyeface. What gives?


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