Well, I guess I can’t be totally goblinated.

Because I have too many alts already, I want to try a paladin, too.  I was specifically thinking about remaking Ailabeth, who I haven’t played in a long long time and probably never will play again because I really, really don’t feel like running face first into the (re)learning curve in terms of healing.  She’s level 80.  People are pissy about healing when you’re dinky and have a valid reason for not knowing what the heck you’re doing; I don’t want to deal with how they are sure to be at level 80.

Interestingly, I used to be pretty good at healing as a disc priest (mostly compliments) but sucky as a shaman (I didn’t think I was that much different, but people hated my guts!).  Maybe I’ll be middle of the road as a paladin.  (Or maybe I’ll just smash things.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want to tank things, ’cause people expect you to know where you’re going.)

But if I want to be Horde (and I do, since my guild and support is there), this means Ailabeth can’t be Forsaken.  I also can’t be a Goblin, the race that suits my personality best.  Poor girl is going to have to be either a Tauren or a Blood Elf.  I just don’t know how I’m going to handle being a walking hamburger or a fashion model.  (Blood elves are too pretty.  It feels weird.)  I totally don’t see why I can’t bribe my way into the paladin-ery as a goblin.  What’s that?  You actually have to possess some affinity for the Light?  I like the Light!  I do!  Its practitioners have money!  Oh, you mean I need morals?  I’m sure I can acquire those with enough capital.  You’re lookin’ at me funny.  What’d I say?

I will probably go blood elf, because I can’t imagine Ailabeth going from Forsaken to Tauren.  It’d be awkward, you know?  That, and OMFG I hate Mulgore.   I call it Mulbore, while simultaneously apologizing to any Tauren fan who believes Mulgore is pretty.  When I’m a nooblet who can’t even ride something, I always feel like I am going to be running.  Forever.  That quest giver in the distance is a mirage.

Also, I have to wonder why, oh why, did they build their city at the top of those bluffs?  I would not want to be the seven hundred pound creature tasked with trying to build or fix a rope bridge.

I further advance the theory that Tauren are not as earth-friendly as they seem to be.  Why?  Thunder Bluff is almost entirely built in wood.  Mulgore’s been stripped of trees, except along the edges.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Question: why are there no blind Tauren?  Answer: they all fell off Thunder Bluff.

Fun Fact: When talking about astrological signs, I once caught myself saying, “I’m Tauren.”


8 thoughts on “Well, I guess I can’t be totally goblinated.

  1. tomeoftheancient

    Good luck with your Blood Elf. I have never made it past about level 6 with one, I don’t know they just intimidate me. I just hope she gets along with the Goblins.

    I know, I really am a tank at heart but the whole expectation of everyone that you’ll know what’s going on and the direction everything is in just kind of put a damper on the whole thing for me, lol.

  2. Leit

    Paladin healing is the most complex and fun healing spec I have at the moment. (protip: I have ALL THE SPECS) It’s actually a pretty far cry from the “spam Holy Radiance >> ??? >> WIN” playstyle I was expecting.

    “they all fell off Thunder Bluff”… amg I died

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      My wee little blood elf paladin just hit level 10 and went Protection. (1 talent point! Woo!) Thus far it’s just impossible to tell how I feel about the whole shebang as she has 1.5 healing spells and has only ever talked to one other person who b!tched her out for taking a box of armaments.

      I do, however, like her big hair.


      BIG HAIR! I wonder if staring at her big hair will get me to 15 so I can, in theory, heal somebody instead of b!tch right on back at them.

      1. Leit

        Best part of healing: you don’t have to heal anyone who hacks you off. Unless of course it’s the tank. Then you’re screwed unless you’re good enough to heal the DPS through after he mysteriously falls over dead.

        Prot is OP early on. Captain America hooooo~


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