This is the LAST TIME, I swear!

Sunblood and Caliverne think Thermalix has a rare addiction.  She doesn’t, really – but it is true that if you camp rares, you’re probably mental on some level.

Enter Spiteflayer, a rare level 55 carrion bird in banana yellow.  This guy:


Image from Petopia

If you read up a bit on Spiteflayer, you find that because 1.) It’s a carrion bird in banana yellow, and 2.) It’s located in the Blasted Lands, which is generally not a top destination, nobody camps this thing.  Most folks show up, it’s there, they tame it, story ends.

I, however, named this blog “That Was an Accident!” for a  reason.

Camping for Spiteflayer

Camping for Spiteflayer

When Thermalix showed up, Spiteflayer was (wisely, in hindsight) not there.  Caliverne showed up, flipped his Titanium Seal of Dalaran in the air, and pronounced that the camping effort would be a success.  And so they waited.  And waited.  They practiced methods of yanking birds down to the ground (Thermalix flying in front of them, making /rude gestures = failure, Caliverne doing some fancy falling from the sky and daring warrior skill move = success).  At last, two hours in, Spiteflayer showed!  As she ran towards her target, Thermalix pulled out her bow to slay some of the cultists who were chasing her.  While they couldn’t kill her, they could make the tame take longer by smacking her lots.  Only problem here was she had not, in fact, retargeted like she thought she had.

Camping for Spiteflayer

Camping for Spiteflayer

While consoling herself with the fact that at least it wasn’t like she shot Skoll in the face, the whole thing was a big OH SHEEYIT moment.  Caliverne and Therm decided to come back in about four hours, since they did, after all, know the exact moment Spiteflayer perished.  Let’s just say that this time was waaaay past Therm’s normal bedtime, and just to make EXTRA CERTAIN that absolutely NO ACCIDENTS could occur, she removed ALL of her weapons.  Can you punch a bird out of the sky?  Not when you’re as short as Thermalix is.

Just at the four hour mark – just as Spiteflayer was due to appear in the skies – my internet connection died.  Well, sheeyit, son.  It could not be revived, and I had to pass out anyway.  Failure!  Failure!  Such epically unepic failure!

Fortunately, when my internet connection was functioning the following morning, who should be in the area but Spiteflayer?

Camping for Spiteflayer

Camping for Spiteflayer
See, nobody camps this after all.

All’s well that ends well, but seriously, don’t shoot the damn thing you’re trying to tame.  Just sayin’.

Camping for Spiteflayer

Camping for Spiteflayer
Eventual success is still success!

3 thoughts on “This is the LAST TIME, I swear!

  1. Cymre

    LOL. Glad there was a happy ending. I remember camping Lupos in Duskwood for about 8 or so hours. It was already about 4 or 5am in the morning by that stage. King Krush and Skoll were probably the hardest but I was really excited o tame Loq as she is still my fav spirit beast, if not one of my fav looking pets out of my full stable of rares 😛

  2. Erinys

    Congratulations on taming your banana custard bird 🙂

    It’s weird isn’t it, they’re always there til you want them. I tamed Zaricotl recently and until I went looking for him on my Hunter, he was always there to beat up my poor little questing alts but when I wanted him… no sign. Took me about four days of hanging out in the Badlands to capture him. Then a day later I take my Mage there for a spot of questing and what’s the first thing I see..


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