Transmoggination Trove Update: “Pretty Respectable” Set

As I more or less finish sets and get/edit pictures of them, I’m going to stick them on the Transmoggination Trove page.  This way, I can look back and weep at all the time and money I’ve spent on this.  I mean, weep tears of nostalgia.  Yeah.

"Pretty Respectable" Transmog Set

“Pretty Respectable” Transmog Set

“Pretty Respectable” Set

Renegade Circlet | Chief Brigadier’s Pauldrons | Grunt’s Cape | Hauberk of the Furious Elements
Gryphon Mail Gauntlets | Aftershock Waistguard | Rushing Storm Kilt | Gryphon Mail Greaves

Ironfeather Longbow (not shown) | Irontree Spear (not shown) or Battle Scythe

Status: Not Finished
To Find: Heartstriker (bow)

Thoughts: I called this one the “Pretty Respectable” set because after the “Mustard, Ketchup and Pickles” fiasco, it did seem pretty darn respectable.  It seems to suit Umberpaw, and is nice and warm for those hours spent in the middle of The Storm Peaks.  The top is a recent switch (former one seen here, don’t recall the name), and it doesn’t match the Gryphon Mail Gauntlets as well, but does work better with the kilt.  Does this count as a utilikilt?  No, probably not.  I haven’t mentioned the wrists because you just don’t see ’em.


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