When I racechanged Versebelg the Troll into Thermalix the Goblin, I debated tossing my engineering, which was then around 250/525.  I wound up deciding to sleep on it/forget about it.  I’m glad I zoned on the matter, for I recently started leveling it again, and I now have … a FLYING MACHINE.  YAY!



This is a vast improvement over my old wind rider (the poor guy needed dental work).  It’s also an upgrade over the albino drake I was using.  If I had quit engineering, I’d have been that much farther away from a mount held together with duct tape!


4 thoughts on “ZOOM!

  1. clumsygrrrl

    Congrats!! Flying machines are awesome on so many levels — and so is Engineering, actually. Speedy belts and rocket launchers … 🙂


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