An Odd Twist of Fate

How The Hell am *I* Alive?

How The Hell am *I* Alive?
This NEVER happens!

Usually, I’m the only one dead.

4 thoughts on “An Odd Twist of Fate

  1. Elunamakata

    Hehehehe I ran that instance with a buddy who hasn’t played in a while…one of the group died early and there was a rope left….I swung off the ship and everyone else died. I was so tempted to drop group and let them all be dead!

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Actually, that sounds like a good plan. Let one DPS die and use his rope at the end. O_O I will have to remember that if my paladink ever gets to heroics.

  2. Cymre

    I’ve since found that if you stand right on the rim (where the ropes are) you’re safe from the fire and don’t need to swing. At least it worked for me last time 😛

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Maybe I was over there? I have no idea. I turned around to run like hell and suddenly everybody but me was dead, which startled me into stopping, because I have bad luck and usually last about as long as a snowball in a fire.

      It was also startling because I was doing a number of very dumb things that day, like trying to talk Helix Gearbreaker out of his nightmare. The spiders ate me instead. (For some reason, I thought you had to talk to him to start that fight. I just died.)


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