Transmoggination Trove Update: “Pretty Pretty Princess” Set

"Pretty Pretty Princess" Transmog Set

“Pretty Pretty Princess” Transmog Set

Pretty Pretty Princess Set

Warmonger’s Circlet | Garmaul Shoulderguards | Righeous Cloak | Felstone Chain Vest
Netherstalker Gloves | Netherstalker Belt | Skettis Legguards | Netherstalker Boots

Melmorta’s Twilight Bow (not shown) | Nether Trident

Status: Mostly Finished
To Find: a more purple-y polearm

Thoughts: I almost named this “Prinny Prinny Princess.”  Given my love of purple things and the fact that I had Melmorta’s Twilight Bow, this set was, perhaps, inevitable.  Mostly Skettis/Netherstalker, but I don’t like the weird top that belongs to the set (it looks like it has … support problems, and I just can’t imagine bouncing my way comfortably through Grim Batol), so I picked up the Felstone Chain Vest instead.  I like pretending I’m a Pretty Trade Princess!  I got so close on Kezan, but that whole thing with Deathwing and Gallywix kinda put the kibosh on that plan.


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