So, as most folks know, that one rocket mount thinger is being retired and will no longer be available.

I think this is an excellent moment to mention a project that is very near and dear to the hearts of Thermalix and Mechalis: ROCKET CAMELS.  Rocket camels would be the ideal replacement for that mount!  Why, you ask?


Camels offer more CHOICE!

One hump or two?  While a Bactrian camel would be a great replacement for the RAF rocket, what if you didn’t need a two-seater?  No worries, friends, we have the model for you.  A dromedary camel would be perfect!  Since camels come with a choice in seating arrangements, they’re more adaptable and thus better!

Camels are more EFFICIENT!

They’re cheap!  In fact, rocket camels are much cheaper to produce than RAF rockets.  Those other rockets require some poor saps to labor away in a Bilgewater sweatshop somewhere.  As a goblin, I’m not opposed to hard manual labor for little pay, but even trolls these days are demanding more in return for their efforts.  Making big rockets can get expensive!  On the other hand, since the camels already exist, they require much less effort, material and personnel to put together.  In order to make a rocket camel, you simply:

  1. Go to Uldum
  2. Locate a camel
  3. Knock said camel out
  4. Get the duct tape out of your Goblin All-in-One-Der Belt
  5. Tape some rockets on the camel
  6. Wait for the camel to wake up

And there you have it!  A flying camel!  This plan is FOOLPROOF.


(D.E.H.T.A.’s little P.I.T.A’s may not want to witness this part of the production process.  Ignorance is bliss, after all.)

Plus, you get fertilizer!

Flying camels are AWESOME!

C’mon, it’s a camel!  It flies!  It’s great!  Just because the rockets are made by goblins doesn’t mean any harm will come to the camel.  It’s all in the positioning of the rocketry!  After all, many goblins remember the days on the Lost Isles where they saved others by launching them with precision explosives.


5 thoughts on “It’s time … FOR ROCKET CAMELS.

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