Transmoggination Trove Update: “Monorogue” Set

"Monorogue" Transmog Set

“Monorogue” Transmog Set

“Monorogue” Set

Scaled Leather Headband | Spaulders of the Hero | Silver Thread Cloak | Scouting Tunic
Bandit Gloves | Vigorous Belt of the Wild (really) | Scouting Trousers | Bandit Boots

Curved Dagger | Blackwater Cutlass

Status: Finished
To Find: Maybe prettier daggers?  Do lowbie daggers come in black?

Thoughts: I decided to transmog Bombleina’s armor because I have a transmog problem her armor was exceedingly ugly and mismatchy, and because rogues really ought to wear black.  Black gives rogues a +5 bonus to Sneakiness!  Also, when you’re level 30, there isn’t a whole hell of a lot you can transmog with, so options for “pretty” don’t really exist.  I had the tunic and boots to begin with.  I don’t really like the cloak, but it was the only thing I had handy and that Bombelina had the level to wear.


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