The Pro and Cons of Mage-ery, and a Story of Sheep

Once upon a time, I played FFXI.  You could be two classes at the same time there!  My main was Wenwren, a black mage/white mage combo; blm/whm, in the game’s parlance.  In my terms, my edibility, squishibility and sheer bad luck made my class choice more like “omg/wtf.”  Nowadays, of course, I play WoW.  Even though you can’t have two classes at once, Centina’s somehow managed to keep both the “OMG WHERE DID THIS MONSTER COME FROM AND WHY IS IT KILLING ME” and the “WTF IS GOING ON” facets of my mage history intact.

Centina, Magewear 101

Centina Dollarbender
Modeling Magewear 101

Things I Like About Being a Mage:

  1. Blink (Blink and Rocket Jump?  Awesome!  Now if I could figure out how to do both at the same time …)
  2. Pretty dresses and a wider variety of hats!  Well, some day, anyway.
  3. I’ll get teleportation!  Yay for convenience!
  4. Sheep* Bunnehs!  Penguins! Mages have the best CC ever.
  5. There are more bodies between me and death.

Things I Don’t Like About Being a Mage:

  1. OWWW OH GOD THE PAIN if something manages to get to me.
  2. Why can’t I name my elemental?  I want to call him Bubbles.  /smrt
  3. I am secretly terrified of Blinking myself off a cliff or into a hole somewhere.
  4. It’s only a matter of time before I Blink myself into some mobs that haven’t been pulled yet.

* Sheep.  Let me tell you more about sheep.

Given my past history with sheep in MMORPGS, Centina is secretly scared of sheep.  What’s that, you say?  Sheep in MMORPGS are a problem for you?  Yes.  Sheep hate me, and here’s some proof:

Steelfleece, Notorious Monster SHEEP

Steelfleece, Notorious Monster SHEEP
Okay, so technically he was a ram.

I have to hand it to Steelfleece – he was swift, sudden and totally terrifying.  Wenwren was jogging to her leveling spot of choice (Valkurm Dunes, or “The Dooms,” for those who might recall), when suddenly the screen began to jump and jerk, and a sound similar to thunder filled the air.  Wenwren turned around, and Steelfleece was the last thing the poor girl saw before she was flattened in one blow.

The thing is, he wasn’t the only one.  There were a handful of Notorious Monster/NM a.k.a. elite, rare sheep, and she met her end at the hooves of nearly every one of them.  That particular map was also home to the more numerous and slightly less large (but still deadly and frightening) type of sheep known as Tremor Rams.  She met those a lot.  Only towards the end was she ever able to get revenge.

Steelfleece, however, had somehow, amazingly, mysteriously and annoyingly hidden himself.  Unable to kill the sheep that started her torment, the spectre of a looming, fuzzy death haunted Wenwren forever!

And now, for the heck of it, it means Centina thinks sheep are evil, scary little buggers.  She looks forward to glyphs at level 25, so she can change the results of her Polymorph.

5 thoughts on “The Pro and Cons of Mage-ery, and a Story of Sheep

  1. Leit

    You can’t actually blink past terrain boundaries… or over tiny hills of dirt… or arbitrary lines on the ground… or uphill…

    Basically, it’s a miracle when the damn thing works at all. Much like Heroic Leap. Best use: hit it just before you hit the ground after a fall, and it’ll automatically put you back on terror firma.

    As for sheep… beware of engineers bearing gifts.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I Blink myself smack dab into walls a lot. I should also probably cross off #4 on the list of Things I Don’t Like because I’ve also Blinked myself into mobs now!

      1. Leit

        Oh, blinking into mobs gets *way* better when you get Invisibility. Blink > “ohshiiii~” > invis > mobs run for healer > win.

        Best tool for accidentally pulling groups has to be Disengage, though. The one skill where you’re *guaranteed* not to see where you’re going.


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