She’s a Tiny Fish in a Big, Big Pond

Well Crap, Achievements

Suddenly, I see the size of the forest.
It wasn’t ever like I was gonna cut down all the trees anyway.

Thermalix began life as Versebelg, who was my main long, long ago (by which I mean the beginning of 2011).  Even though I’ve subsequently realized I have no such thing as a main, she’s still been the primary mount/pet/achievement collector.  Recently I hit over 3,000 achievement points and thought to myself, “WHOA!  Nice!  That’s a big number.  Maybe I oughta do MORE of these!”

So I looked at the list of things, and … uh … wow.  3,025 points equals 20%!  I think “GET ALL THE ACHIEVES” is not going to be a feasible goal for a goblin of Thermalix’s patience, capacity and composure.


One thought on “She’s a Tiny Fish in a Big, Big Pond

  1. clumsygrrrl

    Looking at the sheer number of achievements is overwhelming! And there are people who have done pretty near them all! :O


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