“Neutral” Set, or “I Couldn’t Afford the Rest of the Lord’s Set” Set

I completely forgot to post this.

"Neutral" Set

“Neutral” Set, or
“I couldn’t afford the rest of the Lord’s set” Set

Class: Shaman, Huntard

Helmet Not Shown | Crusader’s Pauldrons | Spirit Cloak | Lord’s Breastplate
Prankster’s Fingers | Lord’s Girdle | Banded Leggings | Bootscuff Boots

Status: Not Done
To Find: Prettier weaponry as always

Thoughts: Here’s Majig in her first modeling post, showing off the Lord’s Breastplate that Thermalix picked up for a ridiculously low price.  Unfortunately, Thermalix realized that 1.) she herself would never wear it (mostly because whenever she looked at it, she thought “EL OH EL BOOBCUPS”), and 2.) the rest of the set was just too damn expensive for her taste anyway.  So she sent the chest piece off to Majig and told her to have at it.  Majig is, however, much poorer than Thermalix!  Boots and gloves are quest items, while the pants and shoulders were cheaper than the Lord’s variety. The Banded Leggings have the added advantage of actually being pants.  (Majig is in Winterspring, so pants = SURVIVAL.)

In addition, organization!  I can haz it!  I found my Transmoggination Trove page was getting obnoxiously long, so I split it up by armor type, which I probably should have done in the first place.


5 thoughts on ““Neutral” Set, or “I Couldn’t Afford the Rest of the Lord’s Set” Set

  1. Leit

    You know… Lord’s plate leggings and whatnot would probably look really good if we had a “tights” slot underneath like the shirt slot.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      On the one hand, guys totally wore tights a few centuries ago!

      But then, when I think back upon my old theater days, watching guys trying to put on tights for Shakespeare or other “medieval” settings … it becomes clear to me why tights are not an equippable slot in the game.

      That said, I’m totally on board with a tights slot! Sounds better than a “longjohns slot.”

      1. Leit

        So wait… *full plate* is more realistic than tights? Or are you just sayin’ the designers might have some old issues?

        Always remember: spandex is a privilege, not a right.

        1. Prinnie Dood Post author

          I’m just sayin’ that the designers, as men, are not culturally on board with tights these days, and as a result a “tights” slot wasn’t one of the choices that made it into the design as currently stands.


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