An Epiphany of Perspective

How Prinnie Sees the World

Wut haz teh intarwebs dun to me?

I keep trying to write something semi-intelligent, but it just isn’t working out that way.  So, MOR PIKTURS!

So You're Willing to Use Goblin Barbershop Technology

Willing to Use Goblin Barbershop Technology
Clearly, vanity overcomes all boundaries.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to see an Alliance barbershop displaying hairdos of male goblins?  Could it be that the items within a barbershop are goblin technology, and in exchange for using said gizmos, Alliance barbershops are contractually obliged to display goblin imagery!?  Or is it just that we’re all vain, whether we’re tall or short, green or not?

Niremere Meets Her First Rare

Niremere Meets Her First Rare
Lupos in Duskwood

Niremere met her first rare the other day.  Sadly, since she’s a paladink, there were only two options: kill it, or kill it.  I briefly thought about having Thermalix hike out there to tame it, but she’s already tamed Ghost Howl, who shares the same model and skin.

We've Run This One Too Many Times

We’ve Run This One Too Many Times

All I have to say about this is: a;sljkfas;ldkjfa;slkfjas;dflj

5 thoughts on “An Epiphany of Perspective

  1. Leit

    Everything in that dungeon addresses Thrall as “shaman”… which can go a bit Marx-brothers if your group also contains a bored resto and enhance shaman.

    Dude, it’s gotta be goblin tech. How else do we go in with a buzzcut and come out with Super Saiyan Seven?

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I was about to say that referring to him by his class rather than name dehumanized him, which makes sense as they see him as an obstruction rather than blah blah blah … and then I thought about it. Should it be deorcized? That looks weird.

      1. Leit

        I dunno about depersonified (hah! new word!) – he’s been set up as THE World Shaman™ since 4.0.1, so they were probably just trying to riff on the drama of that role. Sort of makes you feel like the writers kinda sacrificed an entire playable class to Thrall’s ongoing attempts to devour the entire game, though. That’s hurtful.


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