“Doan Do It!” Set

"Doan Do It!" Set

“Doan Do It!” Set

“Doan Do It!” Set

Class: Mage, Warlock, Priest

Helmet not shown | Mantle of Doan | Spiked Chain Cloak | Robe of Doan
Enumerated Handwraps| Mystic’s Belt | Pants not shown | Sorcerer Slippers

Hypnotic Dagger

Status: Finished

Thoughts: I have a love-hate relationship with the Robe of Doan.  On the one hand, it’s mostly red and purple, my two favorite colors.  On the other, it’s unnerving to see every clothie in your party wearing it, as it makes it look like some sort of uniform.  Also, the white strip across the chest reminds me of a sports bra.  Anyway, as far as matching goes, I had been fretting over how the shoulders I had didn’t match when Doan had the good grace to drop his, solving my problem.  I’m not fond of the gloves (the design on the top of the hand doesn’t really go), but they were the only “dark black” that went under the sleeve I could locate.  And lastly, since the thing was red, I had to go to Silvermoon to take pictures.  It just seemed appropriate!

I also updated the “Monorogue” Set picture, as I changed the cloak and belt.  I also got rid of the sneaky white bracers I didn’t even notice she had at first.  When I finally saw them poking out of the gloves, they reminded me way too much of white socks worn with black shoes, and they had to go.


2 thoughts on ““Doan Do It!” Set

  1. tomeoftheancient

    She looks lovely, my Warlock has the Robe of Doan but I have the same problem, I haven’t done anything with it yet as I can’t figure out how to make it look different than everyone else’s!

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