“Battleforge Grunt” Set

"Battleforge Grunt" Set

“Battleforge Grunt” Set

“Battleforge Grunt” Set

Class: Lowbie Mail Wearing Paladinks, Shamans, Huntards

Helmet not shown | Wicked Chain Shoulder Pads | Raider’s Cloak | Grunt’s Chestpiece
Grunt’s Handwraps | Grunt’s Belt | Battleforge Legguards | Battleforge Boots

Status: Finished

Thoughts: What do you do when you realize that the Battleforge Legguards and Boots that just dropped are mysteriously soul-bound and you can’t sell them for the (small-but-it’s-something) fortune you were hoping for?  What do you do when the rest of the set is beyond the capability of your purse?  And lastly, what do you do when you like parts of the Grunt’s set, but you think the Grunt’s set all by itself looks kind of dumb?  The answer of course is this!  As a side note: I’m totally not sure how I (or Niremere) feel about the show of upper-inner thigh from the back, but the longer version of the Raider’s Cloak was twice as much, so she’s just going to have to be careful not to sit down on any plastic chairs.  This is about as skimpy as I intend to let Niremere’s outfits get.  She went paladink for plate and for smashing, and both she shall receive.


7 thoughts on ““Battleforge Grunt” Set

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Thanks. It’s weird how the set has grown on me – red/black/gold is not the color scheme I usually envison for her, but it works for her anyway.

      I pronounce her name Near-ah-mear, as in near a mere, or lake. (Yes, I did that on purpose. Is that sad?) So I typically imagine her “cool watery” colors, and not Cuyahoga-River-Bursting-Into-Flames colors. (Just in case: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuyahoga_River#Environmental_concerns)

      If only they had a blue version of this set! It would be so awesome.

  1. Phaedrana

    In what Dungeons are these Pieces found in? i have the Grunt’s Legguards but cant seem to find the matching Chestpiece.

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