“Globules” Set, or “Jeebus Effing Cripes Stop Transmogging Your Wallet Can’t Take It”

"Globules" Set

“Globules” Set

“Globules” Set

Class: Huntard

Mail Combat Headguard | Grunt’s Pauldrons | Reanimator’s Cloak | Masterwork Breastplate
Radiant Gloves | Ornate Girdle | Renegade Leggings | Renegade Boots

Horrifying Horn Arbalest (not shown) | Spire of Coagulated Gobules

Status: Not Finished
To Find: some sort of matching bow

Thoughts: I’ve always liked the Grunt’s Pauldrons, but hated how they went with the rest of the Grunt’s set.  When I landed a new shiny staff (with globules!), it seemed a good time to try to make something that matched a bit better and wasn’t as intense as the “Mustard, Ketchup and Pickles” transmog experiment.  I got lucky with the belt – I wanted the Masterwork or Ornate Girdle, which were on the AH for 1,250g and 991g, respectively, and were totally out of my price range.  A few hours and obsessive checks later, somebody had put one up for 300g!  Hallelujah!  I got unlucky in that I bid on an 800g pair of gloves which I then changed my mind on and discovered that you can’t take back a bid.  Sheeyit.  I got lucky again in that some guildmates laughed their heads off when I told them how much it was, and Caliverne (he told me it wasn’t even that much) promptly went and outbid me.  I got unlucky again when I spent the same gold on a different pair of gloves which looked great in the little preview window, but upon exposure to the world, I realized that damn it all, they were a dark brown, not black.  Curses.  With what little gold I had left, I located the Radiant Gloves, which I like better than the matching Ornate, as they’re a little darker (and therfore match the strips on the arms).  I’m now broke, but I look good!  I think.


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