Thermalix Stood in the Fire (Again)

Darkside of Whimsical got a little further in Dragon Soul, no thanks to Alliance airship technology.  Nice name, nice look, but badly armored.  It clearly needs more spikes.  (No offense, Sky Captain Swayze.  Thermalix will still dance with you anytime.)

Clinging to the Edge

Clinging to the Edge
If we were flying a Horde ship ….
… this wouldn’t be a problem.

I like to think that all the times Thermalix has ever stood in bonfires, pyres, torches and other various types of flame prepared her well for “Stood in the Fire.”  But nothing prepared me, the player, for how my camera angle would do this when I did my ranged thing the smart thing and backed the hell away from the amalgamation about to go nuclear:

Camera Problems

Camera Problems
I think we’re killing something.
It’s kind of hard to tell.

What am I shooting?!  What’s going on?  Am I shooting?  Wait, I don’t think I’m shooting.  There’s something somewhere to be shooting!  BUT WHAT?  I’m just going to hit tab and shoot!

Deathwing’s tendons unnerve me.  They’re so skinny and stringy and ewww.

And since I’m on the topic of fire, I leave you with this gem of truth:

Goblin vs. Gnome Engineering

Goblin vs. Gnome Engineering


2 thoughts on “Thermalix Stood in the Fire (Again)

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Yeah, I usually yank the camera up, but I just can’t figure out how to stop it from zooming right back to fisheye whenever I back up from the amalgamations.


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