Mana Management is Bullsheeyit

'tis but a scratch

’tis but a scratch
I’ve had worse.

After a brief stint running around Azshara, blasting basilisks and ecoterrorists I mean, night elves, Ebixxie was ready for to queue for dungeons as a Shadow priest.

Ragefire Chasm was up first, but while the group got Tagaraman the Hungerer or whatever his name is, they didn’t finish the rest of the quests/clear the dungeon because the tank inexplicably jumped into the lava and dropped the party.  The tank definitely did not fall into the lava by accident.  No, the tank made an actual effort to jump into it.  Ebixxie wasn’t sure why.  Nobody died, she herself made a concerted effort not to be a jackass, and the huntard wasn’t too huntarded.  For a bunch of level 15s, it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse!

Oh well.  Upon requeue, she ended up in her first Deadmines Jr. run, which they did actually complete.  So far, here’s how I feel about Shadow:

  1. Purple sparkly orb things!  Yay!
  2. Mind Flay makes me think Bobby Flay, but with more evil and less dinner.
  3. Oh, my GAWD, her mana!  Where is it?  Where did it go?

Ebixxie is like a black hole, endlessly sucking mana into a void whence it never returns.  The healer was practically prancing around with a full mana pool 24/7, while Ebixxie was clawing for any Ice Cold Milk she could find on the corpses and just about sobbing for an opportunity to actually drink it.  (Since you’re not responsible for their health, nobody cares about your mana, Ebixxie.  Suck it up and punch some sheeyit.)  That healer and his damned pretty mana pool only took a break for mana once, and of course he was up and running before Ebixxie was ready!  He only had to regen half while my poor girl was trying to start from zero.

It’s not like she’s some prolifigate mana waster!  She casts Shadow Word: Pain once at the start, does some Mind Flaying until she gets the three orbs, and then she lets rip a Mind Blast, rinse, repeat.  It seems like a fairly responsible use of a limited resource.  But it doesn’t matter!  Her MP just drops and drops and drops, and it never comes back unless by some miracle the tank goes AFK and she has more than ten seconds to sit and take a drink.  Ebixxie needs a drink drink.  Maybe a Sulfuron Slammer …

I just wanna be shadowy and evil and stuff.  Right now I’m more like a faint shadow on a cloudy day, or maybe the nonshadow of noon.  I want to be the horribly stark, unflattering shadow you get when you use the camera flash.  Why is evil so hard?


5 thoughts on “Mana Management is Bullsheeyit

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I’m determined to at least make it to level 20 in Shadow, dagnabit. Ebixxie’s 17. It shouldn’t be too hard to cruise to level 20 on other people’s damage! (No one said a WORD when I started smacking things with a stick last night.)

      It’s got to get better. I just don’t know WHEN.

  1. Leit

    The healer has a passive spec ability that lets them keep most of their spirit-based mana regen in combat. You, on the other hand, are SOL on that front, and Shadow doesn’t get its active mana regen tools until much later. It gets much better once you have shadowfiend, masochism (yes really) and dispersion, along with dark archangel. Now, go look up what level you can get the *first* of those and try not to start weeping…

    SPriests are just really really thirsty until they’ve got enormous amounts of gear.

    Also: wand.


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