I Lied, or the “Fashionably Late” Set

As it turns out, I have enough crap to post without actually having to play the game for any length of time!  Yay!  I can post while my guest sleeps.

So, Centina missed the Red Carpet Transmog contest by a mile (go vote!) because she refused to be seen unless she could wear these particular shoulders and gloves, but her level was far too low to do so.  Despite her best efforts, she just couldn’t get there in time.  But if she had been able to attend …

She’d do it in STYLE, baby.

She’d do it in STYLE, baby.

"Fashionably Late" Set

“Fashionably Late” Set

“Fashionably Late” Set

Class: Mage, Warlock, Priest

Vishas’ Hood | Gossamer Shoulderpads | Insignia Cloak | Scholarly Robes
Gossamer Gloves| Dreamer’s Belt | Pants not shown | Riptide Shoes

Hypnotic Dagger

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Centina thought she looked magically fabulous, but Caliverne told Centina she looked way too much like a priest and not enough like the frost/arcane mage she actually was.  With all the white in the getup, she had to admit that he did have a point … but but, it’s not like Holy priests have some sort of sartorial law restricting white to their spec only!  He also refused to help her look for hot pink shoes.  This was probably for the best, though, because I’m pretty sure hot pink shoes do not exist anywhere in Azeroth.  He saved her from wasting time!


6 thoughts on “I Lied, or the “Fashionably Late” Set

  1. kamalia

    I like this set a lot! Using the golden Insignia Cloak to play off the golden ribbon on the front of the robe is brilliant.
    The only pair of hot pink shoes that I can think of in Azeroth are the mail Netherstorm boots. The Ruby Slippers from Karazhan are a nice deep pinkish red that *would* coordinate nicely with that robe, I think, but they’re not exactly HOT pink.

    1. Leit

      There’s a pair of bright pink plate boots that drops somewhere in AQ40 as well. Wore them right to 70 on my first paladin.

        1. Leit

          The problem with AQ gear is it only fits with AQ gear. Well, except the Dark Edge of Insanity, which I’d wear with literally anything if I could just get it again. >.<

          One of our guildies wears the pink pally plate tier from SSC and TK as his transmog. It's far from hot pink, but he still works it with regular striptease acts in VoH…

    2. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Why thank you – I like it a lot too. It’s so happy!

      When Centina’s a little stronger, she’ll have to investigate these Ruby Slippers … who knows what else they might go with?

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