Midsummer Madness

Well That's Ironic

Well That’s Ironic
Not enough rage?
53 Warrior getting shot in the back by an 82 Boomkin with tree friendz

I believe I once mentioned the story of how I /ragequit WoW during Vanilla’s early days because I made the mistake of rolling on a PVP server, and I couldn’t cope with max leveled players camping my wimpy little corpse.

For most of the Midsummer Fire Festival, I’ve been dousing Alliance fires without issue.  Wyrmrest Accord is, after all, RP, and most folks seem to have something better to be doing than killing fire dousers (unless they attack NPCs too, of course).  Aside from one ill-considered camel run into Exodar, I have not attempted to steal the capital flames, because I Just. Don’t.  PVP.  It gives me a bad case of teh angries.

Alas, poor Thingie. (Thingie is level 53, by the way.)

Since she happened to be in the area to work on skinning, she doused the fire in Stranglethorn and then she went on her way (read: nowhere near the fire).  A few minutes into killing gorillas (and only a minute or two away from being unflagged), something caught her eye.  A tree.

A tree that was moving.  Or was that several?  The hell?

I had just enough time to adjust the camera angle before Thingie got tree’d one shotted in the back by a level 82 Boomkin Worgen, who then flew off.  (At least he didn’t camp her corpse?)

Thingie wanted revenge, but unfortunately, by the time Caliverne arrived to help her get it, the Worgen had gone to Deepholm (What kind of magic is this!?).  Caliverne obligingly went to Deepholm for her, but then the Worgen turned up in Stormwind, and even Caliverne (dear soul that he is) is not insane enough to storm Stormwind in search of a single Worgen (who ended up chilling peacefully in the Auction House).  No revenge for Thingie.


6 thoughts on “Midsummer Madness

  1. kamalia

    Ugh! That is exactly the sort of thing I couldn’t stand about being on a PvP realm, either. Getting randomly ganked always makes me so, so, so angry.

    /comfort Thingie

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      It’s also why I did not get Explorer until I learned how to fly. I would fly over the opposing cities at the highest possible altitude and then go hide in trees somewhere until it wore off – just in case.

  2. Askevar

    I actually popped into Org to get the flame earlier on one of my dk alts [330ish average ilevel]. A 378ish feral attacked. I managed to kill him but I found it a bit annoying, especially for an RP realm… Annoying, but understandable as I was in his city.

  3. Leit

    Potion of Deepholm. Alchemy item that ports you to, well, Deepholm. (imagine that!) Sometimes handy because there are portals directly to SW and Org in the temple. Your druid’s chicken-rock might have been on CD, or just set in some bizarre spot in the middle of nowhere.

    I’m not comfortable with the idea of ganking low lvl adventurers. :\ My brother, on the other hand, will often murder anything he sees in Hellfire Peninsula that happens to be flagged. His own personal free for all.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      To each their own.

      I’m not comfortable with ganking low level adventurers (clearly), but I am comfortable keeping an eye out for this guy in the future and figuring out a way to kill him if at all possible. Preferably with help from someone else, it’d be too much if I got myself killed in this pursuit. 😛


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