Forsaking Goblin Exclusivity /punny

I know goblins can be evil and all, but Ebixxie was just too damn cute to be a shadow priest.  Therefore, I resurrected Ailabeth for the purpose.  (Wasn’t she already a level 80 priest, you say?  She was Disc, but couldn’t you have just respec-ed her?  Oh, you deleted her?  HAHAHAHAHA.)

Ailabeth's Perspective

Ailabeth’s Perspective

Ailabeth Restarts

Ailabeth Restarts
The Dramatic Version

I’d like to say that her (re)beginning moments were appropriately dramatic, as seen above.  I’d be lying, though.  No, it started off like this:

Ailabeth Restarts

Ailabeth Restarts
The Reality Version (Dumass has a cousin!)

Caliverne trekked out to Ailabeth’s grave to be a relatively live witness to a momentous occasion – that is, yours truly making an alt that wasn’t short, green and stuck on some volcanic island chain for her first ten or eleven levels (and 100+ quests).   That, and he’s a fan of the Forsaken – here’s one more body for the fold!

Perhaps inspired by Dumass’s newly risen relative, seen above, Ailabeth quickly left the area and went straight after the chickens in Tirisfal, hoping to obtain a Westfall chicken of her own.

Chicken Saga 01

Chicken Saga 01
I WILL have that chicken.

The thing is, this pet poses a challenge from the dignity perspective.  Passerby will regard you as touched at best and crazy as hell at worst, and anyone leveling nearby will hate your guts for as long as you /chicken.

Caliverne lives in Undercity and hangs around the Tirisfal area regularly, protecting wee NPCs from rampaging dwarves and gnomes alike.  He wasn’t on his daily patrol for long before he saw Ailabeth again, this time out by Saldean’s Farm.  She was doing /chicken repeatedly.  In fact, she was /chicken-ing a lot, to the point where she definitely looked more than a little mental.  /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken

And yet somehow, despite his doubts about her activities and his impressive stature for the Tirisfal area, she talked him into doing it too.

Chicken Saga 02

Chicken Saga 02

Pay no attention to the two Forsaken running around, talking to chickens.  Everything is perfectly fine.  It’s entirely as planned.


6 thoughts on “Forsaking Goblin Exclusivity /punny

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I thought I was at the wrong place too, for awhile. Instead of busting my macaroons out of the First Bank of Kezan, I was stealing pumpkins from farmers.

  1. Elunamakata

    I never delete my chicken macro LOL! I remember when I first started playing, my friend was a level 70 shadow priest, undead male and I thought they looked so awesome! but I couldn’t handle the backbone, so blood elf hunter it was for me!

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I still have the macro … it is merely lying in wait until I need to /chicken at something a lot. Beware, Deathwing. /chicken /chicken /chicken


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