Isn't That What Blood Elves Do Anyway?

Isn’t That What Blood Elves Do Anyway?
I mean, they’re the Horde’s eye candy and all.

The image has no relevance to the topic at hand, but it happened to be in my Media Library and wasn’t in use anywhere, so here it is.

I’m currently having a bad idea.  It involves fanfiction, and what’s bad is that it’s actually starting to take form.  It is neither funny nor has anything to do with Niremere’s silly fantasies about the king (“As she studied him from a safe distance, she observed his frown turned into a glower.  She was deeply moved by this transformation.”), so it could be worse.

Speaking of Niremere, this was also in my Library doing nothing:

I didn't wanna join anyway!

I didn’t wanna join anyway!
It’s hard to be so warm-blooded.

I’m now going to attempt not to brainvomit on my computer.  But just in case I do, is there anyone out there who is either accomplished at being lorepolice or, alternately, determining when something is just ridiculously bad?  If somebody (you know, somebody “objective”) is able to determine that my efforts cannot be brought into the realm of “I may have wasted my time, but at least it didn’t hurt,” that may give my logic the ability to stop my “LAWL” instinct.


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