“Cindergift” Set

While I liked white as a reference to a white lady ghost (so what if I’m Shadow?), I leveled Ailabeth to where she could finally wear the Eye of Flame she won in her bet with Caliverne.  It seemed like an opportune time to mix up the wardrobe.

"Cindergift" Set

“Cindergift” Set

“Cindergift” Set

Class: Mage, Warlock, Priest

Eye of Flame | Nightsky Mantle| Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak | Cindercloth Robe | Dark Silk Shirt
Aboriginal Gloves| Ritual Bands | Bright Belt | Pants not shown | Enumerated Sandals

Status: Finished, Since I’m Cheap

Thoughts: While I’d like to transmog the Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak into something with gold trim, I won’t because it costs 300g to do so.  Ailabeth has the flight skill coming up soon and she can’t afford that kind of cost.  The Eye, Shirt and Robe are all thanks to Caliverne, who made a mage and bought stuff for it before he realized that he couldn’t actually stand zapping things from far away.  He also funded the purchase of the cloak so that Ailabeth wouldn’t fall too far behind his rogue in levels.

The shoulders kinda sorta match and kinda sorta don’t – if you look at them closely, they’re a little too dark, but since I look like this normally, you can’t really tell:

"Cindergift" Set

“Cindergift” Set
Not like matching matters.

I stuck a close-up of the Eye on that because OMFG MONOCLE IS AWESOME and you can’t really see it in the shot above.

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