I Should’ve Made a Tank (More Dungeon Fun!)

But tanks don’t Float.

Campfire Stories

Campfire Stories
I try to be nice, but …
Sometimes, #$%!#$ tanks.


He can’t be kicked for another FOUR HOURS.

Did you know that people actually bot tanks?  I had no idea until we ran into this guy.  Sadly, I don’t have any screenshots of the party in action, as I was too busy yelling at people not to zone in since the mobs weren’t resetting.  At first, we thought he was stupid.  He wasn’t pulling “right” in that he wasn’t clearing areas and was going back and forth in an illogial fashion (not to mention he pulled the boss).  We eventually concluded that he wasn’t human after he continued to run in and die, over and over and over and over and over.  (Just to make sure, I called him a moron and got zero response.  Suspicions confirmed!)  Blizzard, this sort of thing doesn’t actually help “bad” players get parties so they can learn.  We’re not @#%$ing dying over and over to this bot or waiting four hours.  We’re dropping the damn party!

A good dungeon moment:

The Makings of a Great Joke

The Makings of a Great Joke
Seriously, this one could be good.

Yes, we think of these sorts of things.

Yes, we think of these sorts of things.
It’s Dire Maul. It’s the only way to stay sane.

And, of course, the corresponding bad moment in a different party:

Flirtation Fail

Flirtation Fail
Contrary to expectation, necrophilia does not excite Forsaken.

A moment in which Ailabeth thinks of the poor left behind NPC of Razorfen Downs, only to then leave him behind (hey, he didn’t have an escort quest like the other guy – what was he expecting?):

Poor Henry

Poor Henry, prisoner in the Murder Pens
Nobody talks to him. Nobody frees him.

And here’s the moment I realize that Hagara the Stormbinder’s run-in-circles mechanic could be put to use:

The Elemental Treadmill

The Elemental Treadmill
So we take Hagara the Stormbinder’s run in a circle mechanic …

Seriously!  The market for exercise equipment in Azeroth is WIDE OPEN!


3 thoughts on “I Should’ve Made a Tank (More Dungeon Fun!)

  1. Leit

    People seem to talk a whole lot in your battlegroup. It’s a good day when I hear more than a ‘hi’ or ‘OMG TANK SUCKS’ in dungeons.

    Kick timer should be (heavily) modified by the average repair bill of dungeons the user takes part in.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      It’d also be useful if there was some sort of realistic timer on kicking. Four hours is RIDONKULOUS. Yeah, not even ridiculous, it’s ridonkulous. Only a saint would wait for that long …

      I suspect that *talking itself* has an influence on the amount of talking that people do. Sure, there are some folks you just can’t have a conversation with (like Mr. Necrophila up there), but when I chat a lot, others eventually start to chime in.

      I’ve also been comedy central lately because I’ve been casting Levitate a.k.a. Float on people a LOT. Floating hunter pet = AWESOME. Or so it seems after you’ve been in whatever dungeon for a bazillion hours …

      1. Leit

        Fiancee floated my brother’s pet in SSC the other day. Drove him crazy. He couldn’t remove it barring unsummoning the pet.

        That kick timer seems to go on a crazy hyperbolic curve. 4 hours is a damn joke. Thankfully with an army of alts I can just leave and (force someone else to suffer with them) play something else.


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