Medium Rare

Panty Problem

Panty Problem
Hmmmmm …

Ailabeth then made a beeline to the House of Transmog to put on some clothes.  All that sand in Orgrimmar is hell on exposed joints.

Scarlet Judge, Judging

The Scarlet Judge
He pronounced his verdict a little too soon.

Or maybe the Scarlet Judge didn’t jump the gun, because I had a party today where I zoned in to INSTADEATH.  I didn’t even get a “hey there” out.

Holy Crap What Killed Me?

Holy Crap What Killed Me?
And this was AFTER the whelps dispersed some.

Actually, everybody was dead.  It seemed Dungeon Finder saw fit to put me in a party that seriously failed to achieve “Jenkins.”

Orgrimmar, We Have a Problem

Orgrimmar, We Have a Problem
I already sold my soul.

Ailabeth already sold her soul to Mechalis for transmog money.  She didn’t get as much as she thought she would, though – apparently, going Shadow means your soul is a little bit suspect once it gets to the soul shares market.  It’s like that car from a low-lying, hurricane-prone coastline area in Florida that has no water damage – it’s in great condition!

The Man Who Flirts

The Man Who Flirts
… by using his swords.

Some day, he’ll find his one true love.  She won’t be alive either, but at least she’ll be upright when he delivers the punch line.

Did I mention I like floating?  I’m going to float some more.

Don't Mind Me

Don’t Mind Me
Just floatin’.
Yep.  No biggie.

Defying Expectation

Defying Expectation
Nope. Not gonna happen.

Yeah, she’s got issues, but Fel Reavers aren’t one of them.  No, as always, her problems are more mundane and far less mechanical.


One thought on “Medium Rare

  1. Cymre

    Oh wow, what’s with all the posts in my reader today? They’re all making me laugh. It’s your top pic that caught my eye 🙂


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