The title is supposed to evoke Prinnie jumping around excitedly while talking too quickly to be understood.  Yes.  It’s also what I happen to type when OMGWTF stuff happens but OMGWTF is too coherent.

I have to thank Caliverne again, for going above and beyond again in helping Ailabeth acquire the Circle of Flame.  I think I’m ethically obligated not to cast Levitate on him now …

Circle of Flame

Circle of Flame
or is it … the CIRCLE OF INSANITY

The thing is, the Circle had actually dropped while Ailabeth was in the place on a legit Dungeon Finder run and legitimately needed the thing for the stats, but a Warlock needed on it for transmog and won.  (Of course he didn’t trade it – it’s rare and he’s a Warlock.  CURSES.)  It seemed that in every party thereafter, some clothie was wearing the damn Circle of Flame.  It was driving Ailabeth mad!  In turn, she harassed Caliverne into running her through Blackrock Depths A LOT.  (And mind you, the pressure upon him was immense!  Only Caliverne would do.  He keeps her alive, quite possibly by instantly killing everything she could possibly faceplant into.  Or almost everything, anyway … and for everything else, there’s Power Word: Shield.)

Circle of Flame

Circle of Flame
It was amazing how many pairs of gloves Flamelash dropped, even though he only had two hands. So we had to dance on his corpse when he finally gave up the Circle.

Yes, I made him /dance on Flamelash’s corpse.  After all, I had lost count of the runs we had done – gloves, gloves, gloves, caster trinket, gloves, gloves, polearm, gloves, gloves, caster trinket, caster trinket, caster trinket, gloves, polearm, gloves gloves gloves … you get the idea, if you have not suffered the very same farming experience yourself.

Next destination?  HOUSE OF TRANSMOG.

Circle of Flame

Circle of Flame
This was of course VERY EXCITING.

Circle of Flame

Circle of Flame
Now THIS is an awesome hat.

Thanks Cal.  You’re a trooper.  I’ve made a separate tag just for you!  It’s the least I can do.

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