Can’t Stop The Transmog

Seriously, it’s like a disease.  Think of all the glyphs I could’ve bought with the money I’ve spent transmogging!

"Back to Black" Set

“Back to Black” Set

“Back to Black” Set

Class: Paladink, Warrior, Death Knight

Helmet Not Shown | Chromite Pauldrons | Sentry’s Cape | Bogslayer Breastplate
Bogslayer Gauntlets | Bogslayer Belt | Bogslayer Legplates | Alabaster Plate Greaves

Stylish Black Shirt
Gothic Shield
Foe Reaver

Status: Mostly Finished
To Find: A Fancier Sword

Thoughts: Oh Gawd, I tried to get Niremere out of black, I honestly did.  But then I saw the Bogslayer Legplates, and I knew she had to wear them.  Stripey pants, people!  I’m so there!  Unfortunately, the top of the pants does have the “bottom” of the top piece, so to speak, so most other chest pieces looked totally ridiculous and I got stuck with the Bogslayer Breastplate.  I’d have skipped it otherwise, as I don’t really understand or like what look to be cords hanging from Nir’s boobs.  (So much of WoW armor was designed for the male chest, it’s not even funny.)  But stripey pants!  I had to do it.  Just to be difficult, I went with the Chromite Pauldrons instead of the Bogslayer.  I also went with the Alabaster Plate Greaves because I liked how the white boots interacted with the white detailing above the knee on the Bogslayer Legplates.  Finally, the Sentry’s Cape was chosen because the little squares on the bottom reference what I imagine to be a black studded strap at the top of the greaves, seen from the sides and back, as well as the squares on the arms of the chest piece.  (Side note: I get a lot of mileage out of that Gothic Shield.)

"I Do NOT Look Like an Old Lady!" Set

“I Do NOT Look Like an Old Lady!” Set

“I Do NOT Look Like an Old Lady!” Set

Class: Mage, Warlock, Priest

Helmet Not Shown | Abjurer’s Mantle | Burnished Cloak | Sorcerer Robe
Regal Gloves | Abjurer’s Bands | Girdle of Nobility | Pants not shown | Resilient Boots

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Caliverne seems to be developing a thing for describing garments he does not like as “old lady.”  Ailabeth first encountered this with Alanna’s Embrace, and Centina then encountered his new habit when she decided to transmog on the cheap and went with Black Mageweave.  (Seriously, I don’t know what old ladies he’s encountered in his life, but they must seriously be stylin’ and also sexy.)  After getting blue in the face (haha!) explaining that most grandmothers do not go around wearing panties and stockings, Centina “borrowed” this Sorcerer Robe from Ailabeth and that was that.  Centina’s natural hair color is blue, so she predicted that people would call her a blueberry – to prevent that, she dyed her hair a much more tame shade.  Then she went out to Silvermoon to take pictures (because as a mage, traveling is OMGSOEASY).  Caliverne warned her not to sit on the throne because you don’t know what those Silvermoon people do there, but it was too late … which may be why she’s trying to slice off her own arm at the shoulder in the one shot.  (I’ve also noticed that Centina may be acquiring a fondness for yellow capes, which is not necessarily bad, because they tend to be cheap.)

7 thoughts on “Can’t Stop The Transmog

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Thanks! I should be glad that although Niremere is still wearing black, at least she’s classy now, and not metal. I can’t bring myself to dye her hair any other color, which probably doesn’t help …

  1. Darkgodxvx

    I am deeply saddened that Alanna’s Embrace (or the other recolours associated with it) could be called “Old Lady”! They are so much classier than the similar coloured ones that pretty much only cover your breasteses (ie Robe of Insight etc etc) !

    I mean really how can my lovely Kama look “old lady” like? (Okay maybe the grey hair, but it is supposed to be more ash/platinum…) Sadface =(

    My Kama’s armoury so you can tell me if her mog is “old lady” like or not….

    I call it my SCARY SCARY BUNNIES outfit. (PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS was taken by this Smexi multi boxer I know = / )

    Unfortunately you can’t see my pretty pretty halo or wings… Or matching bracers / gloves…. /cry.

    Would probably look way better in Wowhead profiler… Buuuuut nooooo it doesn’t want to work on my phone 😦

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      I don’t think it’s “old lady” at all! Cal was just looking for a way to tell me he liked other mogs better, I think. I’ve subsequently worn hats that look like treestumps, however, so …

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