I tried pants. I didn’t like them.

"Arcane Alchemist" Set

“Arcane Alchemist” Set

“Arcane Alchemist” Set

Class: Mage, Priest, Warlock

Eye of Flame | Flameseer Mantle| Cape not shown | Arcane Robe | Cerulean Filigreed Shirt
Mystic’s Gloves | Clutch of Andros | Legs not shown | Wrists not shown | Sandals of Mystical Evolution

Keleseth’s Blade of Evocation
Twilight Tome

Status: Finished

Thoughts: How the hell is that thing a dagger?  Anyway, after a brief stint wearing panties in public, Ailabeth went back to proper Royal Alchemist respectability in this nice Arcane Robe.  I can’t think of anything else to say other than “I like this outfit a lot.”  Maybe it’ll last longer than a week.


4 thoughts on “I tried pants. I didn’t like them.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author


      The funny thing is, I love pants in real life, even though it’s next to impossible to find a pair that actually fits. When I was a kid, I used to be SKIRTS AND DRESSES ONLY until I had to wait for the school bus in winter. At that point it was like PANTS NAO PLZ.

      Ailabeth just looked ridiculous though. Besides, it’s not like she has to worry about overheating anymore. If she wants to visit Orgrimmar covered from head to toe, she’s got nothing to stop her.


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