Maybe I should just call this a transmog blog? “Royal Apothecary” Set

Instead of a bunch of goblins, one Forsaken and one human finding peril and profit in Azeroth, maybe they find high fashion and an inevitable lack of gold instead.

"Royal Apothecary" Set

“Royal Apothecary” Set

“Royal Apothecary” Set

Class: Mage, Priest, Warlock

Circle of Flame | Sunderseer Mantle| Champion’s Cape | Robes of the Royal Crown | Stylish Black Shirt
Buccaneer’s Gloves | Girdle of Prophecy | Legs not shown | Wrists not shown | Enumerated Sandals

Status: Finished

Thoughts: I submitted this to Neri’s July Transmog Contest and a gnome beat Ailabeth by a mile and two blood elves.  Curses!  While I completely accept my loss, Ailabeth suspects that Forsaken + Alchemy = Too Damn Obvious, and she plans to orchestrate the next submission instead of taking presentation tips from the goblins.  Maybe the abomination parts in the background of the shot she submitted were a bit much?  (Aaand being kind of rotting and maggoty is probably not helpful when faced with competition that is both cute and sexy.)  Either that, or people thought my “Robes of the Royal Crown” and “Royal Apothecary Society” pun was … painful.  (If they even realized it, that is.)

I went with the Buccaneer’s Gloves because they make me think the wearer went and dipped his or her hands in blood, and you know an alchemist would totally do that.  The Stylish Black Shirt was added mostly so it was possible to tell where the robe ended and Ailabeth began.  I originally tried to make Ailabeth as colorless as possible (hence the blond hair she usually sports), but that’s had a subsequent side effect where she literally blends into robes that have white detailing.  Let me tell you, the white breast cup/things on the Alanna’s Embrace robe were awkward because of that … and while a natural blond (see reasoning: colorless, above), Ailabeth dyed her hair for this one.


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