The Tyranny of Choice, “Holy Crap!” Edition /punny


Seriously, I think I’m allergic.

Ailabeth made it until level 82 before finally setting her alt spec.

While Ailabeth did heal in her past life, she hasn’t bothered to do so at all this time around.  Ailabeth likes Shadow, you see.  She didn’t know how awesome it was during her former reincarnation.  She gets to be dark and ominous, has purple floaty shadow orb things, can Levitate and can transform into Shadow itself.  Did I mention Levitate?  “Should’ve rolled a Warlock,” they said.  Yeah, well, Ailabeth doesn’t want to be a Warlock, because Warlocks can’t Levitate, and that’s a total dealbreaker for her.  Hence, Ailabeth got this darn far before she even pondered that healing Light crap.

She would’ve gone all the way to 85 without an alt spec, but Caliverne required some backup for a few heroic transmoggination runs.  After warning him that she had absolutely No Idea WTF she was doing, Ailabeth finally picked her alt spec (totally went with Holy at random, FTL!), picked some randomass talents (Noxxic?  What?  No time for that!), shoved a bunch of skills onto her toolbar (THIS ONE COULD BE USEFUL) and accepted the summons to Halls of Reflection.  OMG, I don’t know what button I hit, but Ailabeth’s glowing and this is uncomfortable and weird.

Summary: HOLY CRAP!  OMG!  If it were anybody but Caliverne, we’d so be deaaaad.  In fact, he was almost dead a couple of times when I panicked and just started hitting buttons but healed myself.  Oops!  There were so many freaking skills I pretty much couldn’t cope.  Shall I use this AoE heal, or that AoE heal, or that one?  What about this one?  Let’s talk Chakra.  No, let’s not, I just won’t click on that one.  Why am I glowing!?  I’M SO CONFUSED.  Plus, everything wanted to murder me more than usual ’cause I was totally overdoing it on the healing.  Considering that Caliverne did 99.9% of the killing, I’m not really sure whether I helped Caliverne, or Caliverne helped me!

I basically couldn’t handle Holy and had to respec the alt spec to Discipline.  That got rid of the glowing problem.  Although I now inadvertently make bubbles (discovering I did that was an illuminating moment! /punny), it seems to be going better.  There are less healing buttons.  I successfully kept both Caliverne AND Tab alive during our last run, which I consider something of a miracle even though they really didn’t need much help.  And they knew what they were doing, of course, so I didn’t have to go “DON’T STAND IN THE POISON” or anything.  This is good, because if I had to type AND heal, everybody would be so, so dead.  So dead.

Side note: when I say “respec,” I want to burst into song.  R   E   S   P   E   C   T!  Find out what it means to me!


2 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Choice, “Holy Crap!” Edition /punny

  1. Eva Marie

    Holy Priests have a loooooooooooooot of spells, it’s all lovely and jumbly and OH MY GOODNESS CHOICES EVERYWHERE.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I basically couldn’t cope. It’s like when you’re faced with a bazillion varieties of peanut butter that are all peanut butter but OH MY GOD which one is the best peanut butter? I don’t know!


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