Proof for the Future

The Art of PvP

The Art of PvP
I don’t get it.

Here is image evidence that I did, in fact, go into PvP, and got myself totally mauled in the process.  It just now occurred to me that the two rogues stabbing me in the back are wearing almost the exact same outfit.  They also stabbed me in near perfect unison.  (Synchronized killing: the World of Warcraft variant on synchronized swimming?)


4 thoughts on “Proof for the Future

  1. Erinys


    Me and my husband have identical rogues who wear identical clothes (which makes me wonder if there is a Dr Seuss type rhyme in that) and yes, synchronized slaughter should definitely award medals.

    1. Leit

      That’s one way to do it. The more common way is multiboxing. Seems more common in PvP than in PvE… one chap on my server runs a druid followed by 3 DKs. Has a thing for Tol Barad. At first it was great because he’d hold a base all on his lonesome, but then people started just camping on him for the splash honor and ignoring the rest of the battleground. Which inevietably leads to messy losses.


      [end segue]

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