It would’ve been a lot faster if I hadn’t deleted her in the first place

Despite hitting 85, Beth’s been keeping herself busy these days!  There’s the wanton killing of others:

I warned them twice!

I warned them twice! I told ’em flat out to zone.
Also, I wasn’t dead and was clearly suffering from a bad case of 1.) aggro and 2.) OH GOD OW DAMAGE, so what did they THINK was going on?

Do you know how hard it is to type “ZONE” while running and buttonmashing Power Word: Shield because the damage you’re taking has totally overwhelmed it, but you can’t actually cast it on yourself again until Weakened Soul wears?  While en route for the zone entrance, I made a dash for the Stonecore teleporter, but it wouldn’t let me use it because I was in combat.  I beg to differ, and the distinction here is critical – I wasn’t in combat.  I was fleeing a massacre.

My past in Ragnarok Online and Final Fantasy XI taught me that once you start running, You Do Not Stop until you’ve gotten out of the area/map/zone, no matter what.  (You Do Not Stop even if you think the monster has stopped chasing you.  You Do Not Stop even if you are running from killer bunnies or baby dinosaurs or gobbies or whatever.  etc.)  These past years of rigorous training meant I actually made it to the dungeon door, so to speak, although just barely – I had to go into Dispersion form just to get my ass past the last five feet and out.  Unfortunately, I underestimated the time it would take for the pugs to complain, so I came back in too soon and wiped with the rest of them.  Dammit!  Just for the record, guys, scroll up and you’ll see that I warned you twice while running for my life, and I totally meant what I said!  You didn’t listen!  One of ’em actually asked me why I did it.  Isn’t it obvious?  You were already dead, but I wasn’t, and I wanted to live!  The other reason would be: I may be Shadow, but I can still res you.  Oh, wait, never mind.

Then there’s the farming:

Farming is Hard on the Psyche

Farming is Hard on the Psyche

Also, can’t forget about the women and the children (and the elderly of Azeroth, I presume), none were spared the master’s wrath and your death will be the same and blah blah blah blah and whatever.  I hope that some day, when I am level 90, we can come back and off him before he gets a chance to spout that line about despair at all.  There were times when he didn’t even finish saying it once before he started saying it again!

Afterwards, Ailabeth’s typical rotting-Forsaken-sulfurous-Shadow odor manifested itself in ebon rose petals, thanks to Miss A.

Spoke Too Soon

Spoke Too Soon
Ebon Rose Petals … perfect for loved ones who are into Shadow.

And of course, Tab and I have been queueing for a LOT of stuff.

I Demand an Instaqueue

I Demand an Instaqueue
Gawd, what’s up with that wait time?

Caliverne gave Ailabeth cakes for managing to make it to 85.  Yay, cake!


Ailabeth is my 2 1/2 85.

Conclusion: 85 yay!  I have Leap of Faith now, which I intend to use and abuse as often as the cooldown permits.  Be wary, Auction House window shoppers. Be wary, those who walk the streets of Orgrimmar.  Be wary, all who are in my party.  YOINK!


10 thoughts on “It would’ve been a lot faster if I hadn’t deleted her in the first place

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I have a tendency to bail when it becomes all but certain a wipe will occur. Sometimes she’s halfway out the dungeon, only to discover that the remaining two party members survived somehow!

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