“Spell Factor” Set

"Spell Factor" Set

“Spell Factor” Set

“Spell Factor” Set

Class: Priest (with shoulders), Mage, Warlock (without)

The Argent Skullcap | Vengeful Gladiator’s Satin Mantle | Cape not shown | Spellweave Robe
Spellweave Gloves | Thuzadin Sash | Legs not shown | Wrists not shown | Sorcerer’s Slippers

Blood Weeper
Hellfire Tome

Status: Finished

Thoughts: OH MY GOD THREE BLOOD ELVES SHOWED UP IN THE SAME DRESS. Not one blood elf.  Nope.  THREE.  Do you know how embarrassing it is for a Forsaken to wear the same thing as a blood elf?  AND they stood near her!  Poor Ailabeth, her dignity is ruined forever.  Alas!

Okay, so putting the uniqueness/loss of dignity problem aside, I actually really like this outfit.  I spent way too long planning it and way too long acquiring it (see: leveling to 80 in the first place to wear it, also see: entire questline needed to get that dang hat).  Considering the effort that I dumped into the sholders alone, I have not spent enough time wearing it yet!  I will have to wear it forever.  I’ve got to find a new weapon transmog for this set, though, as Ailabeth now uses a staff instead of the dagger/book combo she acquired for the WoW Factor competition.  I changed Ailabeth’s face to the bondage straps to reference the blindfolded female faces on the shoulders, which I totally went and PVP’d for because somehow, they were the only ones that would do.  Cal and I collected the materials for the Spellweave Robe and Gloves and then turned them over to Tab so she could put them together, as Centina is not yet skilled enough to sew such fine things.  I also totally forced Cal and Tab to run Stratholme with me a lot until the Thuzadin Sash dropped because Ailabeth had no AoE skill at the time.  Thanks guys, for saving Ailabeth from the lots of little ravenous zombies she kept faceplanting into.  They were like leggy, rotting pirahnas, I swear!  It’s also not Beth’s fault she ran into those cultists.  They were hanging on a dark street corner, lying in wait!

Oh, and the shoulders ooze this faint blue smoke/shadow/something.  So even though I have to leave Shadowform to see what I’m wearing, I still have a little bit of the Shadow with me.


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