Face, Meet Desk

Thirabel, as you might recall, was once a Night Elf druid whose sole purpose in life was to beardance on Varian Wrynn’s head.  With her goal fulfilled, I realized the only reason I would want to play a druid would be to transmog leather outfits (since I have wearers of all other armor classes), but that’s 85 levels to go for the sake of completionism, and that kinda killed that plan.  [Edited to add: Oops, forgot about Bombelina.  I have wearers of all armor classes, therefore, the druid for transmog purposes would be redundant.]  I eventually concluded that if I was going to have an alt for an Alliance alt (suddenly, my life is like looking into a mirror looking into a mirror), I was going to make this as damn easy as possible and make her a huntard.


Unfortunately, for a second time lowbie space goat, Azuremyst/Bloodmyst Isle is like the Alliance version of Mulbore: it’s kind of tedious and takes a painfully long time to get anywhere.  My general feeling was something like, “I’ve gone through this place once before, and I’ll be damned if I innoculate the owlbeasts again!”  So, despite my hesitations, I sent Thirabel to Elwynn Forest, to live among the humans.  (Reason 1: They have a hunter trainer.  Reason 2: I find  the human quests more interesting than the night elf ones.  Reason 3: Leveling a space goat amongst dwarves seemed insane.)

Upon arrival in Stormwind, poor Thir was immediately stalked by a loony death knight, so she fled town and ran to Northshire Abbey.  Completing the quests there didn’t take much time, and so Thir entered the most difficult portion of her short life – that is, surviving Goldshire.

Goldshire Never Changes

Goldshire Never Changes
Level 8 vs. Level LOLZ!

I’ve begun to realize that you don’t see the Horde hanging out in the equivalent location (Razor Hill) for the lolz, whereas in Goldshire, the Alliance is there and full of lolzing, and that makes your early levels suck.  Goldshire takes “For the Alliance” and does a little transformation, making it “FOR TEH LOLZ!”  The only problem is that the lolz are generally at your lowbie expense.

Some more lolz were had at Thir’s expense and she was feeling a little jumpy, so she decided it was probably safer to live in the woods.  While helping out in the boondocks (otherwise known as the Stonefield Farm), a level 85 male human mage descended next to her from out of nowhere.  He was wearing a diving helmet and riding a rocket.  Given her past experience with human males (stalker, rather upfront commentary on her appearance, gibberish, all around insanity, etc.), Thir pretty much panicked.  Her fight or flight reflex malfunctioned however, so she /waved.

Rocket Mage 01

Rocket Mage 01
He started off with “Greetings.”

The first thing he had to say filled her with dread.

Rocket Mage 02

Rocket Mage 02
That sounds ominous.

As it turns out, the gift was 200g.  I generally don’t like to take without giving something in return (although some folks have cured me of this habit by refusing to accept the pretty rocks, clam meat and whatnot I try to give), so I gave him the linen I was carrying.  When you’re level 10, you can’t offer much!

Face, meet Desk, because:

  1. You walked into Goldshire despite knowing what goes on there, but also,
  2. You assumed the worst about Mr. Mage, and you were wrong.

8 thoughts on “Face, Meet Desk

  1. socowow

    I like the Space goat starting area’s, think I’ve done them around three times. I’ve done the Human starting area around 15 times. I find it much faster to do, not sure if it is or if it’s just because I’ve don it so often!

    “Her fight or flight reflex malfunctioned however, so she /waved.” lol’d

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      When my brain fails, I emote. This is why I need a /ragequit emote, and a /derp one, and an /omg, at the very least.

      When on Azuremyst/Bloodmyst, I may be experiencing some Kezan flashbacks. That “OMG STUCK ON AN ISLAND FOREVERRRRR” feeling makes me realize that draenai can actually LEAVE, unlike goblins, so I do.

      Also, I must take all the candles.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      No joke about Goldshire! She’s now working part time at the Eastvale Logging Camp, which seems to be going better.

      Maybe Mr. Rocketman’s approach goes over more smoothly with players/characters who aren’t about to jump out of their skins the next time a guy tries to talk to them. The one DK who terrorized Thirabel in Stormwind was extremely insistent and followed her around, so when Mr. Rocketman was like, he’s GOING TO give you a gift and you are GOING TO like it, panic!

  2. Ambermist

    I was surprised when I decided to try to give out bags to low-level characters how many were shy, and how many were just aggressive towards me for trying. It was a pretty off-putting experience, to be honest. The fact that you started with a wave is great, even if it was done out of panic! I am very glad that things with the friendly rocket mage worked out for both of you!

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Ugh, I just wrote a huge response that got accidentally deleted. /sob I can’t write it all again! Summary time, then …

      While it’s completely understandable to be offput by negative reactions to your generosity, I hope it’s also understandable to you that many folks are defensive/shy/aggressive because of bad past experiences. As a wee nooblet (and especially a female one), a player is perceived as an easy target.

      EVERY TIME I’ve started up an Alliance alt so far, I’ve been sexually harassed, annoyed and/or trolled by other players, and my only real option to end this treatment is to level as fast as I possibly can to get the hell out of the area. This was the FIRST time so far that I’ve had a random encounter with a male character who wasn’t trying to 1.) get in my avatar’s digital pants, 2.) just be an asshole because LOLZ! THIS IS FUNNEH or 3.) want information from me they have no right in demanding, like my actual age or gender.

      Despite my serial altoholism, I only have three Alliance alts (only two are past level 20). I tend to pick Horde races that aren’t primarily defined by their blatant sexuality*, so I have never (and I am quite truthful about that) experienced this kind of crap Hordeside.

      *I mean that Horde females generally aren’t first thought of as potential sex objects/partners (unless you’re a blood elf). Most of the time, you’re LOL KINDA UGLY ARE YOU A DUDE IRL.

      On the other hand, my Alliance choices are races that possess in your face sexual characteristics. Draenai have the T&A pose perfected (and their hooves give them damn fine legs, not to mention very small looking, wearing heels-esque feet, which are also sexually ideal in our culture), and human females are, unfortunately, human. Therefore, they are obviously bangable. I keep trying to choose a gnome but I can’t get over their wee little legs …

      I have to be honest – while I did /wave calmly, I was whispering a friend at the time and he had to put up with the brunt of my true feelings, which were something like “Oh God, oh God, what the @#^% is this guy doing? @%#! I just want to be left the %@#$ alone so I can get out of here! Oh God, he’s going to give me SOMETHING and I am GOING to LIKE it? WTF? Oh God, oh God! Get your 85 mage out here and save me from this assho … oh. He was being nice? Wait, he’s gone? The heck just happened?”

      Somehow, my summary turned out to be just as long, but it is less coherent.

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