“Soul Seller” Set

"Soul Seller" Set

“Soul Seller” Set

“Soul Seller” Set

Class: Warrior, Paladink, Death Knight

H: Overlord’s Crown | S: Darksoul Shoulders | Cl: Pale Moon Cloak | Ch: Warmaul Breastplate
G: Area 52 Engineering Gloves | Wa: Goblin Girdle | L: Imbued Plate Leggings | B: Lavawalker Greaves

Mace: Battlesmasher
Shield: Aegis of the Scarlet Commander

Status: Finished
To Find: Nothing

Thoughts: Caliverne handed me some Imbued Plate Leggings on the condition that I not use them on a goblin, since they’re short and green.  Okay, well, my only non-goblin plate wearer is Niremere, so she gets ’em by default!  Technically, some of this is actually being worn and isn’t transmogged (yet), since Nir is juuuuust at the level needed to obtain/wear these items and they actually have useful stats for her.  I can thank Caliverne for the shield as well, in fact – I had been debating getting rid of it long before they announced the redo of Scholo and the Scarlet areas.  (Nir’s not a Scarlet type, not by a long shot.)  He persuaded me to keep it, and as it turns out, it can no longer be obtained.  Conveniently, it also matches!

The “Soul Seller” name comes from the fact that I sold my soul (again?) to obtain the shoulders, which are a craftable item from a recipe that you can no longer get.  Caliverne owns my soul first, still, so I guess after I reincarnate, it is then in Tab’s debt to the tune of 4.5k and interest (the latter of which is payable in guilt and suffering).  The outfit is also somewhat of a sell out in that it’s tending towards the platekini in the bewbal region.  Nir will probably wear this until she is high enough to wear the “Stereotypical Noble Paladin” set I’m planning, or until I become too ashamed, whichever comes first.  (Probably the shame.)  When they said breastplate, they weren’t kidding!  /slaps self

The Pale Moon Cloak wouldn’t work for a character with short hair, as it has green hues at the top that are hidden by Nir’s smooth locks.

I like the Area 52 Engineering Gloves, as they repeat the Imbued pattern from the thighs of the leg piece, but aren’t as “thick” as the regular Imbued gauntlets.  The Goblin Girdle isn’t an exact match, but it is close enough under most lighting circumstances and serves two purposes: 1.) Bring in the darker portions of Warmaul Breastplate, and 2.) COVER HER STOMACH OMG I DIDN’T KNOW THOSE PANTS WENT SO LOW.  Yeah.  Just in case you aren’t aware, female characters experience a definite dip in the front waistline of the Imbued Plate Leggings.

Nir’s top also illustrates a classic conundrum in shirts designed for women.  You want to pull it down to cover the muffin effect you are surely experiencing because of these stupid jeggings, but then you need to pull the top back up because it feels like it’s going to fall off and that would be bad.  You sneak in little tugs when you think no one is looking, but everyone knows anyway.  (This being a fantasy world, however, Niremere has no worries about the girls greeting other people unexpectedly.)


5 thoughts on ““Soul Seller” Set

  1. kamaliaetalia

    I like this set a lot! It has a neat super hero vibe to it. I’ve thought about pairing that chestpiece with those pants myself, and I’d probably also use those gloves, too 🙂

    I quite agree about the low cut front of that style of plate pants — eep! — and I always want a nice wide-ish belt to cover it up, too.

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