“Wolf in the Mists” Set

"Wolf in the Mists" Set

“Wolf in the Mists” Set

“Wolf in the Mists” Set

Class: Huntard, Shaman

H: Mok’Nathal Beast-Mask | S: Purifying Spaulders | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Ghostworld Chestguard | Wa: War-Feathered Loop | L: Nerubian Legguards
G: Nerubian Gloves |Wr: Not shown | B: Cleated Ice Boots

Bow: Dutiful Longbow

Status: Finished

Thoughts: I called this “Wolf in the Mists” because I have a wolf hat and I’m going to wear it into Pandaria.  /punny

The idea behind this was subtlety, camouflage – a hunter hiding in the grass, sneaking along in the underbrush, stalking her prey while staying out of its sight.  It’s completely different from the cheerful, colorful stuff I typically pick for Thermalix, and I’m still getting used to it.  I am tossing around the idea of changing the chest piece to the Wicked Chain Chestpiece, but that’s pending it ever showing on the AH, where luck has not been on my side as of late.  I did, however, kill Exarch Maladaar 15 times for that blasted hat, so I’m going to wear it no matter what!

When you go through the same dungeon 15 times by yourself (and your pet), you start doing strange things, like running through the place backwards.  As of yet, Mechalis remains the only one to have gotten blasted off the Bridge of Souls by a Raging Soul.

This outfit goes surprisingly well with Moonfang, formerly known as The Lone Hunter.

3 thoughts on ““Wolf in the Mists” Set

  1. kamaliaetalia

    Sweet! I love that bow model. I don’t know what other shoulders you were considering, but the Purifying Spaulders look great! All of those pieces work so well together, and it looks very camouflagey 😀

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