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Gonna Go Pew Pew Pew

So I started another druid.  Yeah.

This time around, however, I scraped together some heirlooms and I seem to be getting farther as a result.  I’m not really sure where or when levels 15 through 17 happened, but they certainly did ’cause now I’m level 18!  (Or was that 19?)  While I can’t claim to have made it past my previous level as a druid, which would be somewhere in the Shadowfang Keep range, I think I’ve figured out part of my issue with druids in general.  I feel like I can’t choose between personalities.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde All Over Again

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde All Over Again

I mean, if I can’t stick with one class (Exhibit A: my ninety billion alts), how the heck am I supposed to make up my mind with a druid that could do it all (Exhibit B: four mother trucking specs to choose from)?  The best I could figure was to have Daschela here go restoration/balance so I can use the same gear AND have faster queue times when my impatience calls for it.  Plus, pew pew pew.  I almost want to make a macro that says pew pew pew, but I think that would definitely annoy others, and it might annoy the snot out of me too.

In any case, let’s talk about stag form some.  I missed the epic stacking of the stags issue (alas), which was apparently unintended and quickly corrected.  One thing that I think needs to be corrected is the inability to use stag form in some indoors environments, like caves and whatnot.  If shamans can use that ghost wolf form in Wailing Caverns, for example, why can’t I run around as a giant deer of doom?  Do the developers think my antlers might get caught on something?  “Sorry guys, can’t heal you.  Stuck on a stalactite, gotta hearth.”

What Do You Mean, You're Not Joking?

What Do You Mean, You’re Not Joking?

Yeah, Daschela’s a night elf, because I couldn’t get over troll toes or Tauren fingers, and I can’t touch Worgen with a ten foot pole.  I wonder how long she’ll last?  While she’s taken up skinning and herbing, her real money making plan is to dance on mailboxes – in bearform.

So There I Was

I was flying into Mount Hyjal at about 6:30 or so this morning to do Firelands dailies, which I almost never do because they make me think druids are both arrogant and friggin’ cheap.  You need how many Marks of the World Tree again!?  Can’t I recruit you in installments or something!?  Oh, you’re giving me two whole Marks of the World Tree for this quest?  HOW GENEROUS OF YOU.  Gawd!

As a huntard, I tend to have all types of huntard tracking on all the time, which can pose some challenges.  Non-aggressive mobs, for example, are represented by the same dang yellow dot that mining nodes are.  So when I fly, I often have one hand on the controls and one at the minimap, mousing over each dot to see if it’s something I can make money from or safely ignore.

While heading to the Sanctuary of Malorne, I moused over a dot called Ankha.  “HAH!”  I thought.  “Somebody’s an Animal Crossing fan!”

Animal Crossing's Ankha

Animal Crossing’s Ankha

Because I hadn’t had coffee yet, it took a good thirty seconds before I realized that wasn’t a player.  It’d be green if Horde, pale yellow if unflagged Alliance.  Wait just one darn tootin’ minute, that’s …

World of Warcraft's Ankha

World of Warcraft’s Ankha
Way more toothy.


It still seems a little surreal.  I spent eight hours camping for Skoll, yet here I just practically trip into this Spirit Beast cat.




So this week’s fancy shared Blog Azeroth topic thingus was proposed by Matty of Sugar & Blood.  It is, “What are your personal rules you wish others would know about you?”

1.) “The Golden Rule” is golden for a reason.

That reason is: it makes it possible to live with other people without going into a homicidal (formerly “postal”) rage all the darn tootin’ time.  Personally, I hope to some day be a truly just person who takes into account all factors yet is able to act with compassion when circumstances call for it.  This may be part of why I go off the deep end in LFD and wind up in total Rant Mode sometimes; I expect a minimum amount of courtesy from others and my Gawd, people can fail hard at that.

2.) Leave people a little better off than they were when you met them.  Or at the very least, don’t make ’em more pissed off than they already are.

Turn off Growl.  This applies literally for Huntards and figuratively for all other classes.

3.) If you aren’t happy, make some changes.

1st Corollary: Drama is bad.
2nd Corollary: I don’t take much in game stuff seriously.

I’ve done enough waiting while suffering in my life already, hoping something in the situation would change.  In the end, the only thing that I can control is myself.  If there’s a problem, I take a look and see what I can do to make it better – why endure misery, especially if it’s taking place in a game that ought to be fun?

I don’t take much seriously, myself included.  When I have taken things seriously, I tend to get short changed on the emotional investment or effort involved.  As a result, I only do silly RP, I ride camels and yaks in Serious Places, I do the bare minimum of dailies (if even that!) and I try my darndest to find cheerful, quirky people only to chat with.  It is not uncommon for me to “adopt” an awesome same-server person I found through LFD.

3.) You Will Get There.

If only through sheer determination or damn stupid luck, you will, eventually, get there.  Hell, even people like me get to 90, and I spend most of my time looking for transmog things.

4.) Remember what Getting There actually means.

Your achievement (be it a mount, level completed transmog set, successful raid or what have you) is, in the end, abstract.  It’s nice to be happy about it, but you shouldn’t pin too much happiness on it, you know?  It’s good to have a sense of self-worth that is not based upon things so far outside your control (or even the realm of the physical).


This should be entirely self explanatory.


“Bluebird V2” Set, or “The Keeper’s Secret” Set

"Bluebird V2" Set, or "The Keeper's Secret" Set

“Bluebird V2” Set, or “The Keeper’s Secret” Set

“Bluebird V2” Set, or “The Keeper’s Secret” Set

Class: (Engineering required for Goggles) Huntard (with bow), Shaman

H: Mechanized Snow Goggles | S: Shoulderpads of the Secret Arts | Cl: Outrunner’s Cloak
Ch: Black Dragonscale Breastplate | Wa: Chillsteel Girdle | L: Frozen Forest Kilt
G: Blizzard Keeper’s Mitts |Wr: Not shown | B: Cleated Ice Boots

Bow: Crypt Fiend Slayer

Thoughts: Sooo once upon a long long time ago when I first started transmogging, I put a bunch of the Nexus-Strider set together and said I wanted the Crypt Fiend Slayer bow to go with it, although I had few intentions of actually finding it because I was small and dinky and EL OH EL WTF HALLS OF REFLECTION never been there.  I must have been around level 75 at the time, because I had just tamed Aotona with Cal’s help.

Well, Thermalix is now 90 and I’ve been in the Halls of Reflection a bit too often on various characters (all you have to do to make me cry nowadays is say “[item of choice here] … so delicious”), so it was really only a matter of time before I finally landed the bow.  Once I did, a little bell went off in the back of my mind that said “HEY NOW PUT THAT BLUE OUTFIT ON AGAIN,” but … me?  Wear that?  Meh.  Maybe the hat.

Apparently, my tastes have become more … refined since then.  Elitist?  Levelist, maybe?  Whatever.  It does reflect that I’ve become more confident in walking into old school dungeons solo, provided I can find the place.  Even though I suck as DPS by most numeric standards and must have help at all times in order to survive because of my condition (a case of the ever-present Derpititus), those standards no longer apply when the level difference is so great.  Being level 90 has only made me more lethal to Dark Irons, for example.  You wanna know what Barrage looks like when you face off against a room full of ’em, knowing they’ll never make it to you?  It is beautiful.  All of those numbers are me.  DPSer #4 feels, for a fleeting second, a moment of mangled glory.

Yes, it’s true.  I enjoy mowing down mobs that are a bazillion levels lower than me.

And at least when I go back to to the reality where I can’t shoot sheeyit down fast enough to save my life, I’ll look good when dead.


Once upon a time, whenever you went into a dungeon where you had to look human (i.e., the Escape from Durnholde), what you wound up looking like was based off your character’s present features.  It was always neat to see how your choices changed your “human” self.  Take, for example, Ailabeth.  Her “human” form is in fact remarkably like how I picture her before she became Forsaken.
Ailabeth as a Human

Ailabeth as a Human
According to the Escape from Durnholde.
Should that be DARNholde? Maybe.

But ever since The Patch before Pandaria, all women have the same hairstyle in black and the same face with blue eyes.  It’s perhaps worse for the guys, since every last one of ’em is bald and bearded.  I did, however, just notice this while running The Culling of Stratholme on Centina:



My mirror images are mirroring a past self!

In other news, it appears that even non-mages can have moments of arcane brilliance when it comes to other languages:

Ripsnarl's Bilingual

I Guess Being a Worgen IS a Curse
It enables Ripsnarl to speak Demonic! Who knew?