Awkward: Faux Pas Edition

From what I hear, the latest blogging topic is faux pas, those events/actions/etc. that are otherwise known as moments of glory in a most ironic way.  This sort of thing is my life.

Faux Pas #1: Staying Together is for Wimps

Well, That's Awkward

Well, That’s Awkward
Jaina, Healer, Tank and THE LICH KING OMG on one side.
All three DPS? On the other.


Strand of the Ancients Strategy

Awkward Strand of the Ancients Strategy is Awkward

Faux Pas #3: Assuming the Other Person Can Handle It

Alone on the Farm

Alone on the Farm
Yes, leave the inexperienced mage by herself.

Faux Pas #4: Don’t Think of the Children

The Story of Mazz

The Story of Mazz
I expected her kids to magically despawn or something.
WRONG! They ran around guilt tripping me.

Faux Pas #5: Situational Awareness is Key

Um, Ow

Um, Ow
I’m not sure the orc saw THAT coming.

Faux Pas #6: Talking to Strangers About Your Family

We Literally DIAF

We Literally DIAF
Sometimes, it’s better not to know.

Faux Pas #7: It’s on Cooldown, But We Won’t Need it Anyway

Cooldown LOLZ

Cooldown LOLZ
It’s all about the timing.

Faux Pas #8: Unintentionally Close Encounters

The Problem With Pandas

The Problem With Pandas
Thank Gawd I’m Dead

4 thoughts on “Awkward: Faux Pas Edition

  1. Ninevi

    Ahaha, these are great! The “more you shout, the more effective” one is too true…especially when people spam it 30 lines, ya know! 😛

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  3. Anoukisse

    Lol. “Oh the Guilt”. That is priceless, I always feel that way too when I kill the “mommas”. I try to skip by them or at least leave one adult around to protect the young, if I can. Haha. Like the Shoveltusks in Howling Fjord! Or.. I kill those awful hyenas praying on the baby mammoths in Dragonblight.. 😉


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