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“Sunny Side Up” Set

"Sunny Side Up" Set

“Sunny Side Up” Set

Class: Rogue, Monk, Druid

H: Expedition Hood | S: Mok’Nathal Champion’s Shoulderguards | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Wild Draenish Vest | Wa: Mighty Girdle | L: Guardian Pants
G: Guardian Gloves |Wr: Not shown | B: Bogwalker Boots

1h Sword: Whistling Sword (x2)

Status: Finished

Thoughts: This time around, the competition’s theme is “Spring,” more in the sense of “lots of horse races with crazy fashion and champagne yaaaay” than in the season itself.  This contest was more baffling to me than trying to turn a goblin into a druid.  At first I went “the bigger the better” route when it came to hat brims and totally went with cloth (the Vicious Fireweave hat is enormous, amirite?), but I couldn’t cook up a set that I actually liked.  I tried smaller hats.  I looked at turbans.  I gave mail a shot.  I pulled the chest pieces that I have never matched with anything out of Void Storage, hoping for some inspiration, but nothing struck me.

Finally, I changed my approach.  I said, “I should aim for ‘obnoxious.’  How can I, Prinnie, fail to come up with something obnoxious?  I can’t!”

Thus, Bombelina got a second chance to represent the goblins because she wanted to wear something crazy – for a rogue, that is.  You see, while wearing all black gives rogues a +5 to sneakiness, she was tired of that.  EVERYBODY wears black, and that’s boring!  Bombelina wanted a happy, perky rogue-inating outfit that better represented her overall personality.

I didn’t want her to wear white mostly because I have a sneaking suspicion that as a color, white is designed to attract trouble, tomato sauce and any beverage that isn’t water.  As a rogue whose main purpose in life is to open up boxes (while looking ADORBS!), Bombelina doesn’t need any more trouble than she can handle – which isn’t much trouble to begin with.  So what color do I go with?  YELLOW.  Yellow isn’t just happy.  Yellow is HAPPY.

I apparently won by virtue of there being zero competition!  As a goblin at heart, I’m totally cool with easy victories – and there was no bribery, blackmail or explosives involved!  Yay!

“Merciless Times” Set

"Merciless Times" Set

“Merciless Times” Set

“Merciless Times” Set

Class: Huntard

H: Wyrmstalker’s Headguard | S: Valorous Cryptstalker Spaulders | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Breastplate of the Queen’s Guard | Wa: Waistband of Hexes | L: Ulduar Legguards
G: Valorous Cryptstalker Handguards |Wr: Not shown | B: Spiderlord Boots

Bow: Merciless Gladiator’s Crossbow of the Phoenix

Thoughts: I almost called this the “Packrat” outfit, but then I decided that SRS LOOK deserves SRS NAME.  Thermalix has been holding onto those shoulders for awhile, never quite sure what to do with them.  She’s also been holding onto the helm (“but what if I want to wear it sometime?”), the chest piece (“It’s a memento of all the times I suffered as a really ugly night elf”) and the belt (“Ok, so I totally don’t remember where I got it”).

I’ve been debating questing for the Malefactor’s Eyepatch, which would match and have the added bonus of showing Therm’s cute hairdo, but for the time being Thermalix seems to be enjoying running around looking kinda eeeeevil.

First Attempt at LFR

Might I Suggest a Name Change

Might I Suggest a Name Change
Looking for Raid is not accurate.

In my first attempt at LFR, I got a troll.  No, not that troll you see in the screenshot as the last man standing, but one of those “Wow, I’ve read about them, but I didn’t really think anybody could be that much of an asshole” type trolls.  Ironically, the guy was a healer.

I don’t get it.  Trolling LFR isn’t like taking candy from a baby.  This is because trollolololers have a fouler vocabulary than candy thieves do, and at least you get some real damn candy when you take it from a baby.  When there’s a troll in your LFR group, it’s more like Goldshire, but with less sexytimes and at higher levels.

Public Announcement: This Place is a Total Deathtrap

What sick, sadistic designer came up with the Serpent’s Spine quest chain for the Golden Lotus?  No, seriously, what the hell was wrong with that dood?

Let’s take Mantid Under Fire as the first example.  You’re supposed to go find a vat of boiling oil on the top of the wall and use it to hurl oil (and a torch, for extra fire) on the mantid at the foot of the gate.  Sounds good, right?  I believe the NPC who gave it to me actually called it fun!  It took me a little while to figure out when I had actually successfully oiled up a bunch of mantid (otherwise you will hurl the torch to no avail and everything – and I do mean everything – will magically evade you), but I was doing all right – until the game decided I apparently took too long in killing my 80 mantid.

Stunned but Not Silent

Stunned but Not Silent
I wish I had a shot of me in mid-plummet, but I was too startled the first time and too mad the second.

Why, in the name of Gawd, does the pot of oil insist upon ejecting you off the wall to your doom if you are unfortunate enough to take too much time to complete the quest?  I understand not wanting defenders (such as we are) to go AFK while manning one of the oil cauldrons when somebody else could use it, but why must I die without warning when I’m honest to Gawd using the thing and trying to complete the quest?

And why, in the name of Gawd, does the pot of oil insist upon throwing you off the gate to your doom if you click the authentic, legitimate “Leave Vehicle” button?  Why won’t it just let me step off to the side?  Why won’t the thing be satisfied unless it can hurl me off the wall to my demise, far, far below?

This was the first time I had gotten the quest chain.  Based on the comments I have subsequently read, you need to have the ability to see into the future to survive your first try.  With your psychic abilities, you will be aware of the violent tendencies of these pots to attack those manning them, and will wisely choose one of the pots on the ramparts where the wall is really thick.  That way, when the thing sends you flying – and it will – at least you don’t plunge to your certain death.

Nice one, whoever designed this quest.  Nice one.  You were angry or maybe a little upset at the time.  Maybe somebody said something awful on the forums, which they do a lot.  But why do we all have to suffer for it?

And while I’m at it, Along the Serpent’s Spine has caused me to hate the Shado-pan and the Golden Lotus in ways I never did before.  I’ve been told that the spawn rate in Mists is somehow smarter in that it magically increases when there are more people in the area killing the mobs in question, and decreases when there are less souls to do the work.  I think my friends who believe this are total fools.  They are also total dears and in many cases very experienced players, but they are fools for believing in this nonetheless.  Leaving fatty goatsteaks quest in the Valley aside, this quest proves it.

I was the only player in my immediate area, yet the spawn rate for the mantid on the wall was so Utterly Insane, my pet got utterly smashed to pieces and I had to Feign Death at a quarter health.  Thank God Feign Death lasts for up to six minutes so I could take a moment to wonder how the hell I was going to get out of there alive, since there was no one else killing these mobs in my vicinity and I was definitely still in aggro range.

All the while, the Shado-pan pandaninjas were running around the wall like chickens with their heads cut off.  Are they jogging to lose weight?  Are they hallucinating, seeing mantid in the distance that don’t exist?  THE SHADO-PAN, THEY DO NOTHING.

One of my tankytype guildmates (who, incidentially, ressed me earlier after one of my pot-of-oil-plummets) had to come help me out, because I would have aggroed without time to bandage up or drink a potion, which of course would have led to death.

Is this supposed to be realistic in the sense that OMG! THE PANDAS ARE BEING OVERRUN BY BUGS!?  If so, mission accomplished.  Objective achieved.  My conclusion is that the battle is utterly hopeless and pointless because even we big bad adventurers are going to get eaten alive by countless gigantic walking termites. Run away!

Signs You Have a Transmog Problem

  1. You create a bank alt dedicated to the purpose of holding BoE transmoggable gear.
  2. You create and level a guild just to have a guild bank for holding BoE transmoggable gear.
  3. You make sure your gear is mogged by level 20 at the absolute latest.
  4. You feel forced to hide in crowds or in out of the way corners when sporting an obviously untransmogged, mismatched piece.
  5. You need on loot for transmog.  As a mage, the extra spirit on that gear is just a bonus.
  6. You obtain heirlooms, but not to level up faster.  You’re just tired of constantly remogging the new gear you get while leveling.
  7. You have no problem trying to take on Naxx 25 for transmog gear with only one Windwaker monk and one really confused, normally Shadow but currently Disc priest.  No problem, that is, until reality – and Patchwerk – sets in.
  8. Where you quest is not based on your level, but around desired pieces of transmog gear.
  9. You level alts specifically for the purpose of transmogging their gear.
  10. When in parties, you inspect people just to see what they have transmogged.
  11. You are rather horrified to see people wearing the exact same transmog set as you.
  12. You run yourself into the ground running the same dungeon over and over for a piece of transmog gear.

The Brain, It Is Boggled

Q: Hunters are really excited about the new pets being introduced in 5.1. Requests have been coming in from both forums & social media asking if we can expand the number of stable slots so they can collect them, rather than agonize over which pet they want to release to free up a slot. Suggestions include adding more stable slots, or adding a hunter pet tab similar to the way mounts/battle pets are listed. Are there any plans for updating Hunter pet storage?

A: Not at this time. We understand the concern and are exploring options to better optimize the system, but the hunter essence wasn’t designed to be “catch them all.”

So I had heard about this through guild chat, but this is the first time I’ve actually read the question and answer.  My initial response?  Headdesk.  Headdesk.  Headdesk.  Headdesk.  That whole saying where “assuming makes an ass out of u and mi” seems relevant here.  I mean, what do they think we hunters do!?


Oh. So that’s what Blizzard thinks we do.
Pet Battle paranoia, perhaps?

According to Petopia, there are currently ninety million around 528 pets with different looks a huntard could theoretically tame.  Each “family” of pets has its own useful skill, some of which overlap.  They are adding at least 100 more pets in Patch 5.1.  Now, not all of these possess unique skins and there are no new families as far as I know, but the number does include looks that have never been tamable before.

Each hunter has a grand total of 25 slots for pets if you include the ones on our character.  It is not about trying to “catch them all” because doing so is not and has not been remotely possible.  Maybe it was back in Vanilla days, but I played a rogue for a week when WoW first came out and Google can’t help me find the answer to that now.

At level 90, I have seen and tamed things all over the world, and I’ve abandoned my fair share of pets along the way.  I, at least, and probably the majority of hunters, are not now nor have ever been looking to “catch them all.”  I just wanted to tame the ones I liked.  When we ask for more stable space, we’re looking to have space for our favorites while being able to have a few pets to change in and out for variety’s sake.  It’d be the icing on the cake if we had space to tame some of the new-to-the-patch things that did not exist or were untamable before.

Sure, there’s probably somebody else out there who tames solely for bragging rights.  That’s not wrong, even if it may not be the way Blizzard wants hunters to see their pets.  Why do we keep exotic animals as pets in the real world, despite the bevy of laws (at least here in the United States) against many of them?  It may be the thrill, but it’s almost certainly got something to do with our pride too.  Why should pet keeping in Warcraft be so much more forcedly noble?  If someone wants to tame All the Things for vanity’s sake the sense of accomplishment alone, let them.  He or she can’t run around Azeroth with them all out at once, and I, for one, am not going to their Armory profile just to find out what’s in their stable.  The theoretical hunter who doesn’t care about his or her pets and is just collecting them for the sake of collecting won’t be made to care about them by the stable slot limit.

By level 90, a hunter has most likely filled up all of his or her available pet slots.  Thermalix has one open slot, but that’s because I sat down and forced myself to abandon four or five of the ones I had before.  Even the pets I abandoned in the end were not like Mechalis’ undead minion or Centina’s water elemental.  They had value to me, making it hard to get rid of them.

Maybe some of those pets we keep are color changers, which Blizzard in its infinite wisdom has made unobtainable post MoP.  Perhaps they are rares, with hours and effort invested in their capture.  They could be connected to emotional memories, be used for RP purposes but not for raiding, or even – as mentioned – be kept solely for the sake of the status the pet confers upon its owner.  Each reason is valid, but each pet we keep takes up a slot in a very limited space while Blizzard keeps giving us lots of new options.

The hunter “essence” right now is something like this: in order for the LOLCat to haz cheezburger, the LOLCat must first give up cheezburger.  By giving our old pets value – one of the things Blizzard seems to want us to do here – we are prevented from taming new ones.

Monk Me

Alexalis and the Sea Dogs

Alexalis and the Sea Dogs
Is it just me, or is it somewhat ironic for Forsaken to /flex?

I don’t know about you, but I have to like even my tiniest alts.  The name must be just right.  The race choice must work with the name.  The class must jive with both.  In sum, the character must achieve the state known as awesome, preferably by or around level 5.

Like most other people, I’ve wanted to try the monk class out.  I have spent all this time mourning the fact that I cannot make an immediately awesome goblin monk, probably because Blizzard didn’t want to redo the heavily phased goblin starting zone.  So I went through a series of low leveled alt failures.  Diversity: I can haz eet?  Nope.  I tried gnomes, draenai, pandas, trolls and even a blood elf before giving up and going Forsaken.  I should’ve just started off with Forsaken and saved myself the netherweave bags (not to mention the time put in to each attempt).

Of course, Alexalis kicks ass.  I picture her as a former Scarlet Monk who had a breakdown of purpose when she discovered her new life, which in turn has poisoned other things she does.  To my mind, this nicely explains why she is able to be a monk upon rising in the first place and why her corpse was in the Silverpine area or nearby for the … Val’kyr treatment, shall we say.

Ailabeth is also Forsaken but can still be cheerful at times and is able to become fond of others (though not necessarily trusting, since most other folks are breathers).  In contrast, Alexalis is completely self interested, laconic, and enjoys frightening murloc babies.  Poor murloc babies, she scared them to death.  She is, in short, rather messed up.  She’s not pleased in the least to find herself the very thing she one swore to eradicate.

There's a LOLCat for Everything

There’s a LOLCat for Everything

In any case, “MONKS ARE OP!!11!”  Fists of Fury, which stuns just about anything in front of me?  Hell yes.  Use Flying Serpent Kick to go VROOM and then BOOM?  Hell yes.**  Touch of Death, to instantly kill sheeyit?  Oh hell yes.  A daily, hour long 50% EXP buff?  WAT IS THIS MADNESS?

** Warning! Do not accidentally use Flying Serpent Kick in dungeons with long, straight corridors like the Stockades.  The tank makes the first pull aaaand WHY HELLO RANDOLPH MOLOCH HOW ARE YOU AND MY YOU HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS!  Yeah, I need to glyph that automatic stop thing, because that was bad.  In good news however, the rest of the party was so freaking far away that I was the only one who died.


“Big Fat Target” Set

"Big Fat Target" Set

“Big Fat Target” Set

“Big Fat Target” Set

Class: Mage

H: Crimson Felt Hat | S: Gladiator’s Silk Amice | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Corsair’s Overshirt | Wa: Aboriginal Sash | L: Legwraps of the Master Conjurer
G: Vengeful Gladiator’s Silk Handguards | Wr: Not shown | B: Fire Striders

Staff: Tapered Staff
Status: Finished

Thoughts: Imagine a trigger-happy, scaredy-cat arcane mage in a jungle, and you’ve got the best picture of Centina.  Mechalis was supposed to be the next to make the journey to the ends of Pandaria, but plans change, and Centina moved up the queue despite her best efforts to move right back down it.  Centina didn’t want go to Pandaland, which she seemed to regard as some sort of horrific jungle safari.  She declared herself to be deathly allergic to Sha, panda dander and hozen, and anyway, she was definitely morally opposed to this putting her life on the line business.

Centina eventually gave in under the condition that she be allowed to pick her jungle wardrobe without interference.  Subtlety be damned, she’s no rogue.