Give Us This Day Our Daily VP

The Ignored Benefit of Dailies is the Constant QA

The Ignored Benefit of Dailies is the Constant QA
Hey guys, got a typo here.

Some say dailies are optional, some say they’re not – but I think we can all agree that they are part of the end game experience.  I think it’s also safe to say that there are quite a few of them, and by quite a few, I mean a crapton.  It’s worse if you’re like me and you never actually finished that whole Firelands business … /cough  One of these days, right?

I could handle gaining rep by wearing tabards while grinding dungeons in addition to doing quests.  That’s generally how I level, anyway – switching back and forth when one option or the other gets on my nerves.  When I get in the dungeon mood, I can do round after round after round without breaking a sweat. (This is why I really hate locks on heroics/raids and on the number of times you can run low level instances. If I wanna spend the time and the effort to run one dungeon endlessly for one damn pair of boots, then what’s the issue!?  All the cool gear is soulbound anyway!)  What I can’t handle is spending maybe fifteen minutes to a half hour on each faction’s quests, because I only have a couple of hours in the evening to, you know, HAVE FUN.

I’m trying to turn off the corner of my mind that goes “YOU HAVE ANOTHER THIRTY MINUTES – GO MAKE THE KLAXXI LIKE YOU A LITTLE MORE” and take full advantage of the theoretically “optional” part.  This means I’m only exalted with the Tillers, because OMFG YAY WORLD OF HARVEST MOONCRAFT and BATTLEGOATS.*  (It’s also the best way I’ve figured out thus far of actually having a chance in hell of acquiring the needed amounts of Trillium and Kyparite for engineering things.)

I’m doing fairly well with the Order of the Cloud Serpents, but that’s only because somebody told me that your cloud serpent will turn back into a baby if neglected.  I fear that my poor dragon hatchling will regress into a puddle of drool and scales if I leave him alone too long, and so I daily.  (p.s., why is it that every time I go to the Oona hozen area, my Flying Machine poofs and I plummet to my death?)

Golden Lotus?  Well, they keep giving me the same quests day in, day out, always in the same two areas.  I’m a bit surprised how little rep you get for completing them.  Seriously guys, what with the monotony and the repetitiveness, I’m kinda starting to feel like leaving those tormented panda souls there to suffer.  Golden Lotus is the first thing I dump when I run out of time because I feel like Exalted with them is going to take the rest of my life, but of course doing so makes getting to Exalted take forever.  I was excited a couple days ago when I finally got quests at the pond because yay I’m unlocking stuff and finding things out!  Sadly, I am not cool enough for anything else in the zone, because that was as far as the quests take me.

Why is that village empty?  I dunno.  Why are there Hozen over there?  I dunno.  What’s this big building thingie over here?  I dunno.  Why are the big stone panda statues there?  I dunno.  Why are the Mogu bothering to torture random pandas?  I dunno.  REP REP REP REP REP.  YOU NEED MOAR REP BEFORE YOU CAN COMPREHEND OUR MYSTERIES.

Also, that one panda can go get his own damn Mogu artifacts from the bottom of the pond.  Doesn’t he have ENOUGH yet!?  What does he DO with them all!?

I’m only honored with the Klaxxi because (and despite the fact that) I did all the quests I could find in Dread Wastes.  Shado-pan?  I’ve only been to Townlong Steppes ONCE, and that was to turn in the Claw from the Sha of Anger.  I don’t have time for ninja pandas.  Lorewalkers?  Yeah, that’d be interesting, but I don’t have time.  August Celestials?  What the hell do they do, anyway?  Doesn’t matter, though, don’t have the time.  The Anglers don’t exist for me, and the Black Prince is probably laughing his ass off at my predicament at this exact moment.

Well, whatever.  I’m not going to quit over it nor threaten to; I’m not pretentious enough to think that my individual actions will make one bit of difference in what Blizzard does.  (I’d just be back for more transmog anyway.)

Laughing from Hell

Laughing from Hell
Since only Dogs go to Heaven

One side effect is that our guild raiding is getting off to a very rocky start.  It’d be tough anyway because OMFG THINGS HURT/learning the fights/etc., but we want to try raiding and we don’t want to wait for everybody to finish grinding rep, because we’re human.  Like many people, we’d rather avoid LFR entirely because of the probability of encountering total asshats or people less prepared than we.  Also, LFR has a reputation for not being the real deal, whereas normal is at least an “authentic” experience.

Another side effect of the whole rep grindy business I’ve noticed is that more and more of my alts are getting outfitted in more and more heirlooms of their very own because I don’t have a place to spend my JP (obtained by endlessly running heroics, by the way, for weapons that JUST WON’T DROP**) on gear that would benefit Thermalix, who is the raiding main.  This kinda sucks, because her 463 gear level may be enough to get her into LFR, but it’s not enough for her to help her guild actually survive the normal version of Mogushan Vaults.  Because you only get 5 VP per daily and I just don’t have the time or the energy for all of the dailies in Pandaria, I don’t have enough VP to spend on anything (even if there were something I could spend it on).  So, heirlooms for everybody it is!

* I refuse to do the cooking daily where you have to go get some fatty goatsteaks, because OMFG PEOPLE STOP AOEING THE DAMN HERDS OF GOATS and then when I finally am hair-triggery enough to AoE the damn herds of goats before someone else does so I can get one damn goat down at least, I’m past the point of paying attention to where I’m standing and I get knocked off the mountain.  Yeah, sure, we don’t have spectral flying when dead because the zone was designed for ground mounts.  Then why can the goats knock me MOSTLY off the mountain to the point where it’s a pain in the ass to find my body!?

** I ran heroic after heroic after heroic after heroic, of course getting the ones I didn’t need more than the ones that I did, but I can’t queue for the ones that drop what I need because you get locked out after one try (HATE).  I eventually just gave the hell up, bought some Trillium (because in all this time and all my obsessive mining, I still didn’t have enough) and made a gun, but for 12 Trillium bars, an item level of 450 is a poor return.


2 thoughts on “Give Us This Day Our Daily VP

  1. Beetlezombie

    You kinda hit the nail on the head there, but there’s one big issue here. When Blizzard, or MMO game developers these days, think of designing things, the fun factor is generally not a priority.

    Fun comes AFTER time sink. Making sure the content is gated and lasts as long as possible, using mechanics and structures like we see now in MoP.

    The Golden Lotus for example goes slow because it is needed to unlock other faction reputations. This is a clear cut example of fun being thought of last in the design process.

    I have the same feeling as you. Every single day, you have to kill and loot the same mobs over and over. Save the same pandas again and again. On the same location… It’s not going to make me yell ‘I’m quitting yada yada’, but still, I believe I’m allowed to wonder where the fun went when they designed this. Sometimes it feels like Groundhog Day (

    On the optional or not debate I have a meh feeling. Screw optional or not. If I don’t feel like doing them, I’m not, simple.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      If only doing dailies would help me learn how to play the piano, speak French and win my One True Love!

      While the time sink is certainly a means of keeping customers “engaged with the product,” so to speak, it’s also a natural response to people who complain about getting through content too quickly. (I have never met anyone like that, but they are apparently out there.) Uuunfortunately people like me, who are slow to advance through content in the first place, now move at a truly glacial pace!

      The Cloud Serpent set is really the only one I feel like I “have” to do, and still I only do that once every two days or so. My cloud serpent is going to hate me, or sue me for emotional abandonment or something.


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