“No Shrinking Violet” Set

"No Shrinking Violet" Set

“No Shrinking Violet” Set

Class: Priest, Mage, Warlock

H: Cowl of the Noxious Glade | S: Journeyman’s Epaulets | Cl: Bogstrok Scale Cloak
Ch: Robes of Orsis | Wa: Runecloth Belt | L: Not shown
G: Vicious Fireweave Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Slippers of the Lonely Road

Wand: Soulsplinter
Offhand: Hermit’s Lamp

Status: Finished

Thoughts: I love love love the Vicious Fireweave Robe’s style, and purple has long been my favorite color.  I’ve never been fond of the gigantic hat or pointy shoulders that are part of the regular set, however.  I went with the Cowl of the Noxious Glade instead mostly because it reminded me of my favorite kind of that that I never can wear, the cloche.  (My noggin is enormous – in before that’s what she said – and it’s really hard to find cloches that fit, since they’re typically made out of non-stretchy material.)  Though I originally wanted Centina to wear this, Ailabeth got the set because she doesn’t have enormous green ears that stick out the sides and ruin the effect of the hat.

That said, I dunno if this outfit really suits Ailabeth.  Perhaps I’ll try to cook up a red or white version for her instead.  While I no longer like the cape with this as I once did, I don’t think I’ll bother finding another at this point.

Sadly, Blizz still hasn’t figured out all the issues pertaining to making wands a main hand weapon – while Ailabeth is actually carrying a lovely Hermit’s Lamp, you can’t see it at any time.  D’oh!


3 thoughts on ““No Shrinking Violet” Set

  1. Geeni

    I love the purple leveling gear set too! Lots of pieces that work nicely with higher level items.

    There is a sheath/unsheath weapons command in the keybindings list, so that you can at least pull out the offhand for screenshots. The default for it might be Z? (Hard to remember, I’ve altered mine a bunch.)

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      You’ve got it – it’s Z. Unfortunately (for me at least), using it pulled out the wand and the off-hand was not shown. Using it again replaced the wand at the hip. Derp!

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