Monk Me

Alexalis and the Sea Dogs

Alexalis and the Sea Dogs
Is it just me, or is it somewhat ironic for Forsaken to /flex?

I don’t know about you, but I have to like even my tiniest alts.  The name must be just right.  The race choice must work with the name.  The class must jive with both.  In sum, the character must achieve the state known as awesome, preferably by or around level 5.

Like most other people, I’ve wanted to try the monk class out.  I have spent all this time mourning the fact that I cannot make an immediately awesome goblin monk, probably because Blizzard didn’t want to redo the heavily phased goblin starting zone.  So I went through a series of low leveled alt failures.  Diversity: I can haz eet?  Nope.  I tried gnomes, draenai, pandas, trolls and even a blood elf before giving up and going Forsaken.  I should’ve just started off with Forsaken and saved myself the netherweave bags (not to mention the time put in to each attempt).

Of course, Alexalis kicks ass.  I picture her as a former Scarlet Monk who had a breakdown of purpose when she discovered her new life, which in turn has poisoned other things she does.  To my mind, this nicely explains why she is able to be a monk upon rising in the first place and why her corpse was in the Silverpine area or nearby for the … Val’kyr treatment, shall we say.

Ailabeth is also Forsaken but can still be cheerful at times and is able to become fond of others (though not necessarily trusting, since most other folks are breathers).  In contrast, Alexalis is completely self interested, laconic, and enjoys frightening murloc babies.  Poor murloc babies, she scared them to death.  She is, in short, rather messed up.  She’s not pleased in the least to find herself the very thing she one swore to eradicate.

There's a LOLCat for Everything

There’s a LOLCat for Everything

In any case, “MONKS ARE OP!!11!”  Fists of Fury, which stuns just about anything in front of me?  Hell yes.  Use Flying Serpent Kick to go VROOM and then BOOM?  Hell yes.**  Touch of Death, to instantly kill sheeyit?  Oh hell yes.  A daily, hour long 50% EXP buff?  WAT IS THIS MADNESS?

** Warning! Do not accidentally use Flying Serpent Kick in dungeons with long, straight corridors like the Stockades.  The tank makes the first pull aaaand WHY HELLO RANDOLPH MOLOCH HOW ARE YOU AND MY YOU HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS!  Yeah, I need to glyph that automatic stop thing, because that was bad.  In good news however, the rest of the party was so freaking far away that I was the only one who died.



2 thoughts on “Monk Me

  1. tomeoftheancient

    Poor Alexalis has been through a lot so it’s understandable that she has character flaws like taunting Murloc babies. I wish I could stop with the pet battles long enough to try out the Monk class, hope they’re still OP when I get there.


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