Signs You Have a Transmog Problem

  1. You create a bank alt dedicated to the purpose of holding BoE transmoggable gear.
  2. You create and level a guild just to have a guild bank for holding BoE transmoggable gear.
  3. You make sure your gear is mogged by level 20 at the absolute latest.
  4. You feel forced to hide in crowds or in out of the way corners when sporting an obviously untransmogged, mismatched piece.
  5. You need on loot for transmog.  As a mage, the extra spirit on that gear is just a bonus.
  6. You obtain heirlooms, but not to level up faster.  You’re just tired of constantly remogging the new gear you get while leveling.
  7. You have no problem trying to take on Naxx 25 for transmog gear with only one Windwaker monk and one really confused, normally Shadow but currently Disc priest.  No problem, that is, until reality – and Patchwerk – sets in.
  8. Where you quest is not based on your level, but around desired pieces of transmog gear.
  9. You level alts specifically for the purpose of transmogging their gear.
  10. When in parties, you inspect people just to see what they have transmogged.
  11. You are rather horrified to see people wearing the exact same transmog set as you.
  12. You run yourself into the ground running the same dungeon over and over for a piece of transmog gear.

12 thoughts on “Signs You Have a Transmog Problem

  1. Beetlezombie

    14. You’re at work and during lunch break you check up wowhead to see where the items drop and start writing stuff down on a piece of paper (oldschool baby!), and then get bombarded with questions from your totally clueless co-workers about online video games.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Hmm, do I take this moment admit I have a “transmog notebook,” where I write down theoretical sets and how to get the components? Well … I guess it’s too late not to. 😀

      1. kamaliaetalia

        Love this list!

        My “Transmog notebook” is all the posts on my blog where the sets are shown in MogIt instead of as in-game screenshots. I also have a hard copy notebook filled with pages and pages of notes from flipping through gear to make those MogIt-filled Transmogrification posts. 😛


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