First Attempt at LFR

Might I Suggest a Name Change

Might I Suggest a Name Change
Looking for Raid is not accurate.

In my first attempt at LFR, I got a troll.  No, not that troll you see in the screenshot as the last man standing, but one of those “Wow, I’ve read about them, but I didn’t really think anybody could be that much of an asshole” type trolls.  Ironically, the guy was a healer.

I don’t get it.  Trolling LFR isn’t like taking candy from a baby.  This is because trollolololers have a fouler vocabulary than candy thieves do, and at least you get some real damn candy when you take it from a baby.  When there’s a troll in your LFR group, it’s more like Goldshire, but with less sexytimes and at higher levels.


7 thoughts on “First Attempt at LFR

  1. Matty

    Stupid effing trolls. Let me know if you need the name of a good therapist: been seeing one for years down in Stranglethorn. Oh wait. Maybe they’re not so great if it’s been that long and I still have that “twitching” problem….

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I hear the therapists out in Bilgewater Harbor are effective, if expensive. (And possibly explosive, but sometimes the best way to deal with something is to get it knocked outta you!)

  2. Beetlezombie

    Ohoh … but Prinnie the opportunities you left untouched in your story are … are … arrgh … I hate cliffhangers.

    Who was the troll? Why was he trolling? How was he trolling? Was he trolling you in particular? More screenshots, the conversations … oh the opportunities.

    But seriously, that was your first troll?

    I got trolled the other day in a LFD. Tank and healer weren’t really on the same page, party wiped, and me being Roguish did my Vanish ninja thing.
    5 Seconds after ironically the Hunter deemed it necessary to say “Stupid OP rogues with their escape buttons. Newb.”

    I engaged my Samuel L Jackson mode, and replied in an uber cool way that he could have used his Feign Death ability as well. The Hunter got real quiet and right then I could actually feel him opening his spell book to read the tooltip of that ability.

    I’m still waiting for my “You’re THAT cool!!!'” achievement to pop up in game btw …

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I’ve met my fair share of obnoxious people, but this troll was my first in the sense of dedicated trollolololishness to wiping the entire raid on every boss and then insult everyone afterwards. Alas, I can’t type his name, because it has one of those funky characters with the accents that people who aren’t creative use when they really want that one name …

      Essentially he would pull the bosses before the raid group was remotely ready, and sometimes while the raid was still fighting trash. After each wipe he’d make some sarcastic comment, so after awhile I got tired of it and confronted him. I am, in his experienced, considered opinion, a scrub and a noob. (I am a scruboob!) My friend who also started saying something was my male-part sucking horizonal mambo-ing buddy. I’m not sure the troll realized I was actually female?

      I tried to kill him during the encounter with the Kings (I think?) – I had been dead and had to run back, so I got locked out of the fight when he pulled the bosses early again (oh darn). He was locked out too, and OF COURSE went AFK to fap or something while everybody died. Despite not being in the fight, I got a debuff that caused damage to people around me, so I stood next to him! I got his HP down to about half before the debuff wore. Sadly, I didn’t get the debuff again and he then came back from AFK and healed himself up. Curses!

  3. Leit

    My first LFR troll dates back to my very first run in LFR. Someone ran off the path and gathered up a good chunk of Ozruk Senior’s trash, just about giving the undergeared healers a collective heart attack. “Hilarious”. Said no-one ever.

    (how sad is it that I don’t remember the first boss of DS’ name but can clearly remember being roflstomped by Ozruk 2 years ago?)

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