They’re Plotting Something!!

After I picked all my crops, I realized that something was wrong at Sunsong Ranch … none of the untilled soil was Occupied by virmen.

No.  Occupied.  Soil.  None whatsoever.

I am positive they are planning some sort of terrible attack.


10 thoughts on “They’re Plotting Something!!

    1. Leit

      It opens up in 4-slot chunks. When you get to Honoured, Revered and Exalted you get quests from Yoon to do stuff like kill the weeds, fix the broken cart and move that honking great rock from your plot.

      There are other quests that unlock in between at certain levels as well, and those will generally give you a short questline, a farmer’s vote and a worthwhile whack of rep. Intermediate quests like this are why the Tillers feels like the best-designed faction in Mists… they’ve got a lot to do that *isn’t* dailies, and the content isn’t confined to predictable breakpoints.

      1. Beetlezombie

        Sound cool. The hub over there (Half hill?) looks pretty cool and the quests so far have been entertaining. And collecting all the pretty stuff from farming is neat, and adds a cool intermezzo. Oh and the speed cooking leveling is amazing.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      I had a couple of Wiggling plants when I did my gardening, er, farming this morning. I can’t help but think they’re just attempting to lull me back into complacency before their DEVASTATING ATTACK UPON HALFHILL.


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