I Was Expecting Something Bigger

Ebixxie Kylala made a return appearance on Kezan as a warlock, enduring the indignity of getting re-double-crossed (does that make a quadruple cross or just deja-vu?) by Gallywix while getting re-dumped by her POS former boyfriend.  It was kind of like that hangover you get after that one hangover where you told yourself that you were going to stop before you went through THIS again, but you kinda forgot and urgh, hangover.

She did enjoy the tropical island-hopping and discovering the ins and outs of controlling minions.  Kind of, anyway.  They don’t actually listen to her yet.

Rupnar, her imp, turned out to be a little high strung and totally untrustworthy.  He had a tendency to shoot too fast for his well being and also to disappear without giving due notice, which, as a control freak, Ebixxie didn’t exactly appreciate.  She was therefore quite thrilled to learn how to summon a voidwalker.  Big!  Evil!  Dark!  Ominous!

Size Disparity

Size Disparity
Wait, somehow this doesn’t seem fair.

… except he wasn’t those things!  Ebixxie had a baby voidwalker.  It was more like a Voidwalker Junior (or a Booberry) than it was anything like her expectations, which were much larger and less adorable.  She calls him Zangie now, and hopes he will puff up sometime in the future.  The trainer assured her that Zanggarn or whatever his name is, being so freshly out of the void, will no doubt increase in size shortly.  The thing is – the warlock trainer she spoke to is a goblin, and goblin business promises are either wild exaggerations or prone to creative reinterpretation.

This brings me to the topic of the succubus, which I, Prinnie, find annoying as all hell.  Men (and the ladies who swing that way) can keep their succubi if they want to, but you know what I want?  I want a sexy incubus (and the felguard so does NOT count).  I think the model of the male blood elf with wings that they use in the Sunwell will do well for this purpose.  Simply strip off the excessive clothing, give the guy a g-string (I’ll let him skip the bustier, since I’d like such a nice chest to be bare and we do not yet have a cultural taboo on showing moobs), and have him make all those kissy kissy sounds – ta-da!  It’s an incubus!  He doesn’t have to do the ass slap move (unless it were Ebixxie’s back end he happened to be slapping, since she’d appreciate that … er, TMI?), but it would amuse me greatly if he’d dance from time to time.  Groveling would also be acceptable.

(p.s., WHEE! is the best buff ever.  Now can I get an emote for that?  /whee)



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