“Black Sheep” Set

"Black Sheep" Set

“Black Sheep” Set

“Black Sheep” Set

Class: Rogue, Monk, Druid

H: Rayne’s Mask | S: Hide of the Lone Hunter | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Vest of Discovery (Antiseptic Soaked Dressing) | Wa: Wolf Rider’s Belt | L: Warbear Woolies
G: Heavyhands’ Gloves | Wr: Excavation Bracers | B: Prospector’s Boots

1h Sword: Shadowrend Longblade (x2)

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Nothing amazingly unexpected here in terms of gear.  The “Discovery” set is one of my favorite low level leather getups*, so I obtained a few pieces of it for Alexalis.  What WAS unexpected was how well it suits her.  She looks pissed, and this is awesome.  It’s like she hasn’t had her morning coffee – EVER.  It’s as though the entire world makes her think of things like under-eye circles, arthritis pain and dead baby birds.  She’s found her center – it’s just that her center is in the midst of stabbity punchy death that everything that ever existed sometimes deserves.  Even her Armory image came out cool, by gosh, and how often does that happen?  Not often for me, at least.

Alexalis, Armory Version

It’s like she’s super unimpressed by everything you say.  It’s the moment of the pause right after “yeah, and …?”

For better or worse, this is the getup she’ll be wearing until the mid 70s/80s, mostly because I managed to completely overlook the fact that the Living Crystal Breastplate, which is made by leatherworkers, happens to be bind on pickup.  Therefore, Bombelina gets an unexpected new outfit …

* Gotta say, “favorite low level leather getups” is not a phrase I ever thought I’d utter in any form.


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