Mental Battelz

Well, That's Awkward

Well, That’s Awkward
They kicked me onto a pole!

I’m about halfway through Revered with Golden Lotus, which means (of course) that I have had an allergic reaction to dailies and go into blogging fits when thinking about doing them yet again.  In order to preserve the sanity of my readers, I have deleted those drafts (they were all something like, “;laskfja;slkfdj Golden Lotusususususususa;lsdfkjas;ldfkjasdf” anyway).  In order to preserve my own sanity, I have pretty much stopped doing any and all dailies, though I hold certain pandabears responsible.  Think about these dailies, man.  Isn’t there something masochistic in running into a field full of swirling swords and burly pandabears who want to punch you so you fall into said swirling swords?  What sane person would willingly do that once, much less repeatedly?

I’ve even quit Tillering.

Pet Battling and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Pet Battling and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
… kind of.

In the meantime, alts have been crawling up the ladder of levels, as have my battle pets.  The Magic family is the last standing between me and the “No Favorites” achieve, where you level a representative of each group up to 10.  I have TWO (just two!?) magic pets, both of which are uncommon and therefore not really worth leveling.  So I’ve decided to go for “Going to Need More Leashes” and “Quality and Quantity,” because when I think about doing dailies right now, it’s just … not good. sal;fjas;lfjaw;leifja;sldkfjas!

Lag Baby, Lag

Lag Baby, Lag
Unfortunately the battle just ends when your opponent lags out.
I was hoping for an easy victory.


9 thoughts on “Mental Battelz

  1. Leit

    Most of the Magic pets are TCG, cross-promotions from other games, useless on account of always being uncommon, or stupidly scarce in spawns. I ticked off Magic on my list by getting a Twilight Fiendling – they hang around the purple rifts in TH. Ridiculously easy to beat, but by the same token quite hard to use effectively. Their spawn cycle is bloody weird and there are some phasing issues in TH with pets, so some of your characters may not actually be able to see them.

    Bizarrely, Magic-type pets have very few actual Magic-type attacks between them. For that you usually want Dragonkin. Makes perfect sense, yes?

    Hey, I know that arena! It’s the one where my paladin got repeatedly violated back at the end of Cata. ‘OMG how I pillar hump when pillars keep retracting?!?’. Didn’t know it could pop up as a pet battle setting.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author


      /puts on reading glasses

      /pulls out the family tree

      The Derpimer family has a long and storied history in Azeroth, beginning with General Derpimer, a Westfall Chicken who survived the Plague, the Scarlet Nutjobs and random Forsaken “farmers” in Tirisfal Glades. General Derpimer was unceremoniously demoted by Blizzard, who does not recognize the existence of the Chicken Corps, but (former) General Derpimer was able to meet a lovely Lady who was most impressed by his background and the next generation of Derpimers was born.

      TL:DR version: I was sitting in Org one day and said, “OH MY GOD. DERPIMER. I MUST NAME A PET DERPIMER.” I don’t know where this name came from, for it hit me without warning.

  2. tomeoftheancient

    Yes, the dailies didn’t see me for quite a while either. The Shado-Pan think I’ve left the country, I kinda sneak by them on the way to the battle tamer in Townlong Steppes so they won’t see me cause I sort of feel bad about abandoning them and all.

  3. kamaliaetalia

    LoL! I had pretty much the same reaction when I was about halfway from honored to revered with the Golden Lotus, too, and am currently going through the same phase with the Shado-Pan. 😛

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