Another Day, Another LFD

When in dungeons, I sometimes /flirt shamelessly with blood elf men just to see what they’ll do about it, since I’m either playing a character who is short and green or who is dead and probably has a maggot infestation.  A couple have blushed, while some have flirted back and a ton have ignored me.  This one had a new response:

A League of His OwnHe's got a point.  Blood elf men have the most fabulous hair in game.

A League of His Own
He’s got a point. Blood elf men have the most fabulous hair in game.

Normally, I try to edit the names of others out before I post screenshots here.  Brewcelee, however, was so freaking awesome, you get to know his name and see his macros in all their punny glory:

Brewcelee Wins at Life

Brewcelee Wins at Life

And lastly, from a LFD run in the not so distant past:

Unexpectedly Deep Deeps in the Deep

Unexpectedly Deep Deeps in the Deep
By Neptulon, she’s right!

9 thoughts on “Another Day, Another LFD

  1. Beetlezombie

    Aha! I knew you were a flirty stalking LFR Blood Elf obsessed Goblin loving avatar from the start. I have a keen eye for these kind of things … just one, you know, the zombie thing. Not easy being undead and all the rotting decaying matters.

    No one ever flirts with me in LFR.

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      If you were on US servers, I’d /flirt with you!

      One, yes, blood elf men have faaaabulous hair. (When I am playing my Forsaken Shadow Priest, Ailabeth, I like to joke that since she is an alchemist, she will drug them, cut off their long beautiful locks and make a lovely wig for herself, since her hair got all formeldahyde-deded in the grave and all.)

      But I also like doing it to push their buttons, because people who play blood elves do so in part because blood elves are stereotypically attractive, and my characters (as noted above) aren’t.

  2. Leit

    Um… was Brewcelee the healer? That staff looks like DHC, but with ‘mog in play that doesn’t neccessarily mean anything…

    (yes we musssst know its spec, precioussss)

    1. Prinnie Dood Post author

      Well, sorta.

      The party started off with Brewcelee as the tank. We had two monks (one was me!) and one DK for DPS, and a druid for heals. The thing is, the druid was bad. Way bad. Not just trolling bad, like, WTF REALLY WTF IS GOING ON bad.

      After dying ninety million times, we were (I think) attempting to diagnose why the hale he was just so damn bad (because the lag he claimed couldn’t explain it all). After the screenshot above, we guilted him into quitting because we couldn’t kick him for four hours. We then queued up hoping to get another healer, but (YOU GUESSED IT) he was apparently the only healer in that level range queueing, so we got him again. He dropped again rather than deal with us (THANK GAWD), which left us in a slight pickle.

      That’s when the DK said, “I HAZ BLOOD SPEC” and Brewce pulled out his healing spec, and we four-manned that place down like the awesomesauce people that we are.

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